Foot pain, hand pain, waist pain will eliminate pain of all this 1 rupee thing

Welcome friends in the New News channel. In today's post we are going to give you a lot of great information. Over time, the problem of pain due to the lack of fluid associated with our body. But nowadays young people are also suffering from this pain problem. Because this is happening because of not getting proper food. You will tell everyone a very cheap way to get rid of this pain. With the help of which you can get rid of all your pain.
Foot pain, hand pain, waist pain will eliminate pain of all this 1 rupee thingपैर दर्द, हाथ दर्द, कमर दर्द सभी का दर्द खत्म कर देगी यह 1 रुपए की चीज
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You will need nutmeg to get rid of the problem of all types of pain. Which will be easily available at any of your grocery stores. Purchase this nutmeg by grinding it and make it powder. Within nutmeg, phosphorus and calcium are found in abundance. Which strengthens your bones. And relieves you of all kinds of pain. Taking a spoon of nutmeg powder with hot water will be lost in minutes, your pain will disappear in minutes.
Regular consumption of nutmeg powder will also remove the problem of your digestion. And your constipation, gas and acidity will end the problem forever.
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