Today, cheaper petrol-diesel, know what is your city rate?

The common man has got great relief again today. The beginning of the week coincided with the reductions in petrol and diesel prices. For the second consecutive day, on July 23, prices of petrol and diesel declined. On Sunday also, their prices were down. Although prices have only been reduced drastically.आज फिर सस्ता हुआ पेट्रोल-डीजल, जानिए क्या है आपके शहर का रेट?
Explain that the highest deduction has been done in Chennai, where there is a decrease of 9 paise in petrol and 10 paise per liter in diesel. Prices of petrol in Delhi decrease by only 07 paise Diesel prices were reduced by 9 paisa. After this reduction, petrol in Delhi has been priced at Rs 76.30 and diesel Rs 67.89 per liter.
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After the new rates are implemented, the petrol in Kolkata is priced at Rs 79.15, diesel Rs 70.56 in Mumbai, Rs 83.75 in Mumbai, Rs 72.07 in diesel and Rs 79.25 in Chennai and diesel at Rs 71.70 per liter.

Earlier, on Sunday, prices of petrol in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai were Rs 76.37, Rs 79.20, Rs 83.82 and Rs 79.33 respectively, while diesel was priced at Rs 67.98, Rs 70.63, Rs 72.17 and Rs 71.79 per liter, respectively.
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The price of petrol and diesel was not seen in the last five days. The main reason for this is not a big hike in the prices of crude oil in the international market. Indeed, the prices of crude oil in the international market are steady and this is why Indian companies are also not required to spend additional rupees to buy oil.
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