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Shillong Night Teer Results

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What is Night Teer Result ?

Hello, my page viewers today I am here with the most demanding topic of the time, that is Night Teer. So if u are Teer enthusiast you already know what is Night Teer,but if you are not then no need to worry because, today I am going to clear what is night teer. So lets get start the topic, as it is mentioned in the name Night Teer. It is clear that it  is an archery based game played in Meghalaya at Night. So it is very similar to those archery based games in Meghalaya. Like khanapara Teer, Shillong Teer and Juwai Teer etc.

How To Check Night Teer Result?

So In the time you already know what is Night Teer and the most important thing where it is being played. Now its time to know where the tickets being sold. There are so many counters in Meghalaya who legally sell tickets of this game. What you have to do, is to buy those tickets and play. And after the game is played its time to have result. Result is very interesting  thing because it may announce you winner.
 So, if you want to check the result all you need to do is first bookmark this page. Then at 10:30PM for the first round and 11:30PM at second round click on that bookmark and scroll down the page to refresh untill the result is publised. You no need to wait for lng because we are very prompt to update the result as soon as it is being declared by the counters.

How to play Night Teer?

Now, we come to the most important topic that is how to play Night Teer. As I already said that this an archery based game, you have to go to any of the counter in Meghalaya and to target with an bow. Numerous players play this game everyday except sunday. If you hit the target then you are the winner. So, before you go to play Night Teer you need to make some calculations so that it is easier to win. But if you trust me I can help you by providing the number that may hit that day. So keep an eye on the Night Teer Common Number before going to play.

What is Night teer counter

Now coming to the next important topic that is what is Night Teer counter. As you know by the name Night Teer Counter, are those counters who organise the Night Teer game. These counters helps you play the game. So they are important. As these counters are legal they can guide you the best. So if you are any problem you can contact them easily. And these counters are official to help you know the hit number of night Teer game. There are plenty of counters in Meghalaya. You can contact any of the counter to play the game.

Night teer result today

Here is the another important topic that is the Night Teer Result. Each and every player of this game waits eagaerly to know the result. Game changer and the most important topic among all. There is two round of Night Teer game. First round declares its result at 10:30PM. and the Second Round declares its result at 11:30PM. So at this time it is not always easy for you to go the counter if it is not so close. So for your assistance we update you the result in this page as soon as counters declare the hit number or result. Scroll down to refresh the page that you can get the result as soon as it is being published.

Night teer target

Most of the Teer players more or less like to play all the Teer games played in Meghalaya. Night Teer is one of those beautiful game you should play. Because as this game is being played at night most of the people are free from day's work life. They can spend their evening time in playing Teer game. Thats how you don't need spoil your day's work and you can utilize your peaceful mind in playing the Night Teer Target in proper way. You must target Night Teer because if you win it can be a good day for you. All is well that ends well.

Night teer hit number

Night Teer is one of those famous game that is being played in Meghalaya, specially in Khasi hills. Check out this page only to get fastest update of Night Teer Hit Number. Night Teer hit number declares its hit number at 10:30PM. for the First Round and at 11:30PM. for the Second Round. It is almost too night to go outside and to check the hit number. So we have made it easy for you to check the Night Teer Hit Mumber in no minute. So my dear viewers best of luck for your sure success. 

Night teer common number

It is one of those important topic that is being searched by the Teer enthusiast over the internet. And this topic is very useful for those who plays Teer game interestingly. So my viewers do check the Night Teer Common Number before you go to play the Night Teer game yesternight. Because it may help you a lot. We update formulated two digit numbers everyday. And those numbers based on some meticulous calculation. And everyday these common Numbers do match with the hit number. And thus many of our viewers wins everyday. So, its now your decision what you like to do. 

Night teer result list

Night Teer Result list is available to help you calculate yourself. This list is nothing but that list which contain previous results.Night Teer Result List is very important for Night Teer player because this list help you to know the trend of the numbers that generally become hit number. This list is available here for your help sake. A wide list make it easy for you to know the trend. And this format of list is quite easy for our viewers.

Night teer result previous

Night Teer, a wagering game played in the capital city of Meghalaya is only one of the various wagering games that are played in the Northeast like Kanapara Teer and Juwaii Teer. Meghalaya the condition of the Khasi clan who are eminent for their bows and arrows abilities has utilized this expertise. Teer is truth be told casual term for Arrow and the term Shillong teer shows where this teer is being conducted.The wagering on toxophilism is certainly not a groundbreaking thought that blossomed out of nowhere as of late. This type of wagering has been in presence since the mid twentieth century. In spite of the fact that this type of wagering was prohibited in the state by their Government as of not long ago. Yet, in the 1980's the state Government of Meghalaya felt that income acquired from these Teer bettings were significant and it was likewise a method of refining the abilities of these bowmen. Consequently, Shillong Teer and other Teer bettings were legitimized in Meghalaya during the 1980's. Presently these bettings work under the Meghalaya Amusement and Betting Tax Act 1982. 

Night teer old result

Teer wagering is amazingly normal and extremely famous in the territory of Meghalaya. There are wagering stalls everywhere. Shillong Teer happens both during the day and during the evening. The night Teer happens once the gets over and the outcomes are declared at around 9:20 PM for the first round and at around 10:20 PM for the second round. 

Night teer result online

The toxophilism for the Shillong Teer occurs at the Polo Ground that is loaded up with tea slows down and bettings stalls. There are around 50 toxophilite who fire bolts at the objective. These bolts ought to be more than 300 and under 1000. The ability of these bowmen are important on the grounds that there are claims from the spectators that their point and ability is nearly machine like. These toxophilite are paid around Rs.300 every day. After the bolts are taken shots at the objective the Teer specialists tally the bolts that have hit the objective. The last two digits of the absolute number of bolts shot in a round is the round score. For example if there are 763 bolts in cycle 1 the Teer score for that round in 63. Bettors can put down wagers on numbers from 0 to 99. In this situation each one of the individuals who put down wagers on 63 will win.