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Bhutan Teer Target Number

Please check the following number for your next draw to win Bhutan Teer. The following the Bhutan Teer Target or Bhutan Teer Hit Number which has been predicted from the previous result by the special winning formula.

Bhutan Teer Target Number (Hit Number)


FR: 57
SR: 82
House: 5/9
Ending: 8/6
Direct: 71, 84, 96
Hit Number: 
78 13 26 39 69 72
59 67 61 73 49 41
27 31 83 43 63 17
Common Number: 
12 19 47 32 45 85
46 38 54 56 52 14
37 48 23 86 15 84

Bhutan Teer Result

Check here today Shillong Teer Result on this web page. You are on the right page to check your shillong teer results everyday. Wish you "Best Of Luck"!

Date           F/R(4P.M)S/R(5P.M)
(Note: FR-First Round, SR- Second Round, First round time 3.45P.M, and second Round Time: 4.45P.M.)


What is Bhutan Teer Target Number? 

Shilong teer target numbers are the basic number that has been anticipated from the past outcomes. These numbers are the main number which has the most likelihood to be the triumphant numbers for your next draws.shilong teer target 

Bhutan Teer Hit Number? 

Track down the latest Bhutan Teer Hit Number close by the Bhutan Teer house completing number here. The Bhutan Teer Hit Number involves House and Ending number and the last Teer Champions Bhutan Hit Number will be open from 2:30 to 3:00 PM. Players can visit our page to get second reports on Bhutan Teer Hit Number, Bhutan Teer house Ending and the Bhutan Teer hit Common Number. 

Bhutan Teer Hit Common Number? 

The Bhutan Teer hit ordinary number will be established on some mathematical assessments, The Bhutan Teer typical number will be gotten from the past Bhutan Teer result. Remain related with this page and get the latest reports on Bhutan Teer Hit Number, Bhutan Teer House Ending Number. 

Bhutan Teer Common Number Today 

Really! we will feature the subject Meghalaya Teer Target. Customers here no convincing motivation to worry about step by step target Numbers of Teer Bhutan As in light of the fact that we are here to get you out. Win isn't straightforward in the Bhutan Teer game, It isn't an air pocket Gum just chomp and throw. We need to go more significant Otherwise we need to face huge hardship as Rupees. So we are here to control you, We will give Direct Numbers, Hit Numbers of Bhutan Teer, Also House and Ending. With this, you can undoubtedly break the present Bhutan teer game! We moreover give Teer Bhutan Hit Numbers. Bhutan Block Numbers - (24, 25, 66, 96), these numbers are removed unmistakably on explicit assessments. So recognize this with your peril. Right now, we don't give gives an account of teer of Bhutan morning Numbers. So help us by bestowing our site progressively more to various customers so that in future we can give each revive to you. Customers, we endorse you moreover to check Teer of Bhutan Dream Number for more precision of your Target Numbers! 

Bhutan Teer Dream Number 

Bhutan Teerif we go in fact there is no specific Bhutan teer dream number. It looks entertaining in case we state there are discrete dream Nos for each teer game. However simultaneously, we give Teer Shillong Dream numbers in Another page. You can imagine your last night dreams and set your goal for the present meghalaya teer game. In all over India Shillong is an exquisite spot and Teer Game make it more Unique! 

What is the Bhutan teer equation? 

The shilong teer recipe is only an equation that is utilized to ascertain the triumphant number from earlier days Bhutan teer results. Specialists have their own equation to compute the triumphant number. The entirety of the above numbers have been determined by a unique shilong teer champ master. 

About Bhutan Teer: 

In Meghalaya itself, there are different Teer-betting centers that are operational. Reliably, the tickets are sold from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. At 3:30 pm sharp, the toxophilite meeting begins. 

The betting framework is straightforward. A part needs to calculate the last two digits of the total number of bolts that are shot in a day. Whoever gets the digits right, is the champ. 

It occurs in two rounds. First-round is at 3:45 pm and the second-round 4:45 pm. In the principal cycle, 50 toxophilite shoots 30 bolts. In the resulting one, 20 bolts are shot. 

The lottery occurs for 6 days in seven days. Sundays are closed. 

Other Teer lotteries that are notable are Khanapara Teer and Juwai Teer. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bhutan Teer Hit Number: 

  1. How to figure Shilong Teer Hit Number? Shilong Teer Hit Number is the number which is vital for you. These numbers are determined by the specialists investigating dreams, past outcomes, or some other recipe. 
  2. What is the Best Teer Common Number Formula? Best Teer Common Number Formula is the equation that is exceptionally hard to ascertain. In spite of the fact that, you can figure investigating Dream Analyze, History Analyze, Date Breakdown, and Playing Club History. 
  3. What is Bhutan teer counter (hit number) facebook ? Bhutan Teer counter (hit number) Facebook is only Teer Counter Hit Number (Real Rita Devi) which is on Facebook. On the off chance that you need To interface with Bhutan Teer Counter Hit Number (Real Rita Devi) follow this blog page which is given previously. 
  4. What is Bhutan teer 99% sure number? Bhutan teer 99% sure number is the number which has 99% opportunity to be the triumphant number. 99 Teer Number is determined by the teer master utilizing earlier day results and different diagrams and equations.