(FR/SR) Khanapara Teer (Common Number) Result Hit Number

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Please check the following number for your next draw to win Khanapara Teer. The following the Khanapara Teer Target or Khanapara Teer Hit Number which has been predicted from the previous result by the special winning formula.

Khanapara teer target number

(99%) Sure Khanapara Teer Common Number (Hit Number) FREE for Today


FR: 45
SR: 69
House: 4/2
Ending: 6/7
Khanapara Direct:
31, 14, 72
Khanapara Hit Number: 
47 37 75 57 58 67
31 26 84 36 79 89
12 19 63 53 65 82
Khanapara Common Number: 
76 56 54 73 48 74
32 69 46 18 35 83
28 62 49 86 81 45
29 23 68 78 21 43
(Note: FR-First Round, SR- Second Round, First round time 3.45P.M, and second Round Time: 4.45P.M.)

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Khanapara teer common number today

If you want to win today except of sunday note the following predicted numbers carefully. These number are based on detailed calculation of the previous results. Khanapara teer target number needs to guess last two digit of the hit number. And you will find this two number. I am sure you may win one day if you visit khanapara teer target today page.

Khanapara teer target today

Khanapara Teer target today is the number that may help you to win very easily.

Khanapara is the doorway to Meghalaya from Guwahati, and is a quickly developing business center. It is in south of Guwahati city. 

As Khanapara lies along the between state line, a ton of Khanapara Teer fans from Assam likewise purchase ticket of Khanapara Teer consistently, and they energetically want to win.Khanapara Teer Target Number Today will let them win.

Khanapara teer target number

Khanapara Teer is otherwise called Assam Teer and is a profoundly well known bows and arrows based lawful lottery game played each day (Monday to Saturday) at Khanapara in Ri Bhoi area of Meghalaya. Follow this webpage to get Khanapara teer target number.

Khanapara common number today

This webpage will give you both the round's Khanapara Common Number Today.First round of Khanapara Teer result is announced at 4.00 pm, and the second round of Khanapara Teer result is proclaimed at 4.30 pm. 

Khanapara target

Khanapara target is a target that lead you to win. Follow the khanapara target number in daily basic  for sure beat.The Khanapara Teer is led each day by the Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association at a spot called Themmarwet close to Khanapara in Ri Bhoi area of Meghalaya. The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association, which is a gathering of 12 toxophilism clubs, leads the Khanapara Teer consistently.

Khanapara target number

Khanapara Teer is a basic game, and the player of the game needs to envision the last two digits of the total number of arrows that hit the target. 

Khanapara teer khela target

There are an enormous number of approved Khanapara Teer counters in Meghalaya. Khanapara Teer tickets are sold from 10 am to 3.30 pm at the counters. So before buying the ticket you must visit this webpage only to get the khanapara teer khela target nmber.

Khanapara teer house number

Khanapara teer house number means if 1493 teer hit the target of khanapara teer game,then the last two digit means 93 will be the winning number. This last two digit is being updated here as khanapara teer hit number.This two digit number is purely based on prediction.

Khanapara teer result target

As I have already told you that Khanpara teer countersi Meghalaya sold from 10am to 3:30 and the result is being updated within hours. So keep on visiting this webpage whenever you want.As it is being updated for whole day.khanapara teer result target help your chance of winning.

Meghalaya teer common number

Meghalaya teer common number and shillong teer common number both are same. As shillong is situated in Meghalaya, therefor this common number is is also called as Meghalaya teer common number. You are in the right page to check meghalaya teer common number. Here you can all the information about meghalaya teer common number.