Today's last Monday in Savan, crowd of devotees in Shiva temples

Today's last Monday in Savan
Today's last Monday in Savan, crowd of devotees in Shiva temples
New Delhi: Last Monday (Sawan Somwar) of Lord Shiva's exhaustive Savan month came to the notice of faith in all the shakhas of Bihar and Jharkhand. Shivbhaktak is burning Jalabhishek between the bombs and the chanting of Har-Har Mahadev.

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Meanwhile, one of the most glorious Jyotirlingas of Dwashash Jyotirlingas is witnessing a huge crowd of devotees in Kamna Jyotirlinga (Baidyanath Dham) located at Deoghar in Jharkhand. According to an estimate, here is the hope of reaching nearly two lakh devotees on the last Monday. In the Vaidyanath Dham, Shivabhak has been waiting for his turn in the queue from the night to Jalavhishek of Jyothirlinga.

After passing 105 kilometers of holy water from Sultanganj in Bihar, Shiva (Shiva Bhakta) reached Baidyanatha Dham and performed a Jalabhishek on Kamna Ling. Since the special puja of the three o'clock in the morning, devotees started jalobhisaking on alternating Jyotirlingas under the Aragha Jalpavera system.

In the month of Savan, the pilgrims come to Jalabhishek of Baba Baidyanath from every corner of the country.

Jay Kumar Dwari Panda, priest of Bighanatha Dham, says that there is a mythological belief that Lord Shiva's devotees are especially pleased in Savan. By worshiping Baba Bhole, devotees get happiness, peace and prosperity.
Half chandra yoga is made, which is considered beneficial in every approach.

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An official of the Deoghar district public relations department said that according to an estimate, "Today, two lakh devotees are expected to be here. A 12-kilometer long line of devotees has been started from the temple premises of Devgarh and people are moving forward.

On Monday, around 3:30 in the morning, the door of the Devghar temple was opened for the devotees. The whole premises is lying in gray color with the blacksmith. The ranks of the devotees have reached the Kumatha Stadium by Nehru Park, BEd College, Nandan Mountain. Deputy Commissioner Rahul Kumar Sinha and Superintendent of Police Narendra Kumar Singh are monitoring the facilities of the victims.

Meanwhile, Deoghar Superintendent of Police, Deoghar, who is commanding security in the Meal area, said on Monday that the long queues of the Kanwadis are underway and they are underway. He said that strict security arrangements have been made. The Kandwadis are not being allowed to stay anywhere in the line. He told that on Sunday even more than one lakh Shivabhakas were burnt here. This number is expected to go up to two lakhs on this last Monday.

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Apart from this, the devotees of Jharkhand's capital Ranchi, including Jharkhand's capital, Patna's Bihar capital, have also been flown in the morning and people are wishing for their happy future by worshiping Lord Shiva.

Here, devotees have gathered from the morning in all the pagoda including Baba Girishnath temple of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, Someshwar temple of Motihari, Guptadham temple of Rohtas, Hariharnath temple of Sonpur, Ajgabeennath temple and Vasuki Nath temple of Jharkhand.
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