Why PM Modi is giving 200 cows to Rwanda, the importance of what is known

आखिर क्यों पीएम मोदी रवांडा को दे रहे हैं 200 गायें, जानें क्या है इसका महत्वPM Modi arrives in Rwanda
Importance of cow in Rwanda
Modi becomes the first Indian PM to go to Rwanda
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached Rwanda under the travels of three African countries. This is the first Ugandan visit of an Indian Prime Minister. PM Modi will give Rwanda 200 cows in his journey. This decision of the Government of India is being discussed. Actually this decision is being run on behalf of the Government of Rwanda, whose name is 'Girinka'. Under this scheme, the government will give cow to 3.50 lac villages for removing malnutrition there and then give it to its neighbor, to a herb born. The purpose of this scheme is to remove the malnutrition from the children of these cows and also to promote the milk industry.

PM Modi arrives in Rwanda, offers $ 200 million loan offer and embassy announcement

Cow in Rwanda is considered a symbol of prosperity
Like in India, even in Rwanda, the cow is considered a symbol of prosperity. In the ancient history of Rwanda, cow was used as a currency. Let us tell you that like India, Rwanda is also an agricultural country. 80% of the area is related to agriculture. Rwanda has a population of 1.12 crore; There are two-thirds of the women MPs in the Parliament.

PM will address trips to three countries today, PM Modi will address business forum in Rwanda

Prior to Modi's arrival, China's President was also in Rwanda
Prior to Modi's arrival in Rwanda, the President of China was also in Rwanda. This was the first Rwandan tour of a Chinese President. Actually, both India and China are trying to make their way into Africa at this time. China's three thousand companies are currently engaged in this construction area and have invested around Rs 32,000 crore.

PM Modi arrives in Rwanda, 200 cow donations
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