Do not sip tea, sob satsa janab!

चाय की चुस्की नहीं, मौत की चुस्की कहिए जनाब!Sikar. Tea soups in Shekhawati are now becoming deadly. The information about heavy adulteration in tea is also coming out. Mixing is also the thing that can make tea sip sips for death. Tell me that tea filings and leather filings are being mixed in tea. Which can give you serious illness like respiratory illness. That is why the cup of tea that has become a habit of daily habitation has now come to be called the poison cup of tea in Shekhawati.
Adulteration for profit
The traders selling deaths through tea in Shekhawati are scavenging the adulteration in profiteering. According to the sources, in the name of tea coming from Assam, adulterated tea leaves combine wood and leather filings. Then sell them in the market in good spirits. Tea prices are also sold in the name of tea in Assam, and wood pulp of leather.
Responsible silence
The biggest negligence in the black marketing of tea has come from the health department. Due to the ignorance of the department, this illegal trade is flourishing. Say that the team of health department who takes samples of food items does not include tea leaves. The team's team never takes samples for their investigation. Taking advantage of that, the adulterants are busy in the business of making good profits by putting the lives of the common man in jeopardy.
Danger of these diseases
Due to tea that is prepared from waste, there are problems like breathing, dizziness and dehydration. The doctors told that the amount of acid in the body increases in tea made from adulteration. This causes the digestive system to be completely damaged. Although pure cholesterol is eliminated from Green Tea. As well as having anti oxidant, the speed of the metabolism increases.
They say:
Prepared tea samples have not been taken by the department. Samples will be taken from the upcoming tea shop.
Ratan Gondar, Food Security Officer
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