Why are all made in the middle of the blade, this special design, 90% people do not know, know the reason

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Friends, if you have to do your own savings or any other work, if you have to work related to hair cutting, then you would definitely bring the blade, have you ever noticed this special design of the blade? Why are they cut off!

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Let's talk about this today, why the design of the blade is so different, the first blade to build a blade was Gillette, which was the first to construct a blade! In 1901, Gillette Company's founder King Camp Gillett designed Blade in collaboration with William Allison. This year he made the design of his new blade. In 1904, the blade was being produced in an industrial form.

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In 1904 Gillette made 165 blades for the first time. At that time the blades were made in such a way that they could be fitted with bolts in the shaving shirts, that at that time none of the companies made the blades, the only Gillette itself would have made it, but some time After this, Gillette's bold way was a failure!
Friends, now you have come to understand why this special design is made in the middle of the blade, or if you like this information well, please do it and share it, and you can follow us for more interesting and important information. .
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