BEd's 3125 seats vacant, more than 100 vacancies in many colleges

The first report of the ongoing counseling for BEd colleges on behalf of MDS University is extremely alarming. In Seeker's most colleges, seats are left vacant. About 3125 seats are vacant in the district. Although for second counseling it is time up to 8 o'clock on July 25. Only then will the entire situation be revealed, but after the first counseling, the concern of the college operators has increased. Due to controversy over Shekhawati University and college operators, the crisis of seats remained in these BEd colleges. The highest seats in the entire state are vacant in Sikar and Jhunjhunun districts. Sources show that if the MDS University did not make the third counseling then the crisis could rise on the colleges. Many Sikar colleges are such that more than 100 seats are vacant. While there is no such situation in other districts. Although only three to five seats are vacant in some colleges. Even after Second Counciling of MDS University, it is difficult to get all the seats.


MDS University is counseling, most seats in other districts are filled

Most seats in the entire state are vacant in Sikar and Jhunjhunun districts

Most seats in the state are vacant in Sikar and Jhunjhunun districts. Nearly all the seats of BEd colleges in other districts have been filled. Therefore, there is some hope that candidates from other districts are choosing Sikar-Jhunjhunun College for second counseling. The list of second counseling is expected to be released on July 26 or later. Only then will the situation further clear. College operators have demanded that third counseling should also be done.

Today is the last day to deposit registration fee for second counseling

After the PTET 2018 and 4-year Integrated BA BED / BSc B.Ed entrance examination, two-year BEd courses and 4-year integrated BA BAED / BSc BEd courses will be able to get registration in second counseling till July 24. This will be the last date for submission of fee. The last date for filing of the college for the college will be July 25. PTET Coordinator Prof. BP Saraswat said that such candidate who did not get the registration for the first counseling, the candidates could get a deposit of 5000 rupees and get registration for second counseling. Those who did not allocate college in first counseling and those candidates who have only registered for second counseling, they will be able to fill the college's online option till July 25 for second counseling. Information about vacancies in colleges has been uploaded to the website. Candidates who filled the options of colleges in the first counseling, but they had not been allotted any college, they would also have to return the options of the colleges, the options previously provided by them will not be valid.
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