Train driver and guard's three-day Hunger strike, these are the main demands

ट्रेन ड्राइवर और गार्ड की तीन दिवसीय हंगर स्ट्राइक, ये हैं मुख्य मांगेंBhopal. The All India Loco Running Staff Association continued its performance on Wednesday also. The train driver and the guard started his three-day strike on Tuesday after a hunger strike. It includes train driver, assistant train driver and guard.
These employees are starving and running the train. Railway staff at Bhopal's platform number one and Bina station, performing pandals and banners on their demands, performing slogans and speeches against the administration.
Bhopal Divisional President of the Association, Brijendra Agrawal said that this three-day Hunger Strike is being done across the country including Bhopal. Angered by this strike, Anil Kumari of the Railway Board held a meeting today. The results of the meeting have not yet come.
He told that the Jail train doctor has written that the operation of the train without eating can not be more than 24 hours and the situation can get worse in the next two days.
Nearly 1.5 hundred members of the Association were present at the exhibition site on Bhopal's platform number. In this, Bhopal Board Secretary MP Choudhary and Jonal Secretary RC Shrivastav also addressed. This hunger strike will continue tomorrow and tomorrow.
These are the main demands:
- Inappropriate delay should not be made to declare the demand for the rate of kilometers from the well-established and time tested formula of 1980 which is payable since 01.01.2016 after the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission.
- Running allowances should be expedited promptly from RAC 1980 formula.
- Inequalities in pension for people running staff pensioners in the incompatible order of RB 13/2018 should be corrected.
At the same time passengers say that the government has fulfilled the legitimate demands of the train driver and the guard. Going on the strike of the railway employee, the railways will suffer hundreds of crores. Also passengers will have to face problems. In such a situation, meetings should be held regarding the demands of employees of the Railway Officers Loco Running staff.
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