If milk breaks out of the utensil, then what does it mean, know or else regret it

अगर दूध उबलकर बर्तन से बाहर गिर जाए तो इसका मतलब क्या होता है, जान लें वरना पछताते रहेंगेThird party image reference
How are you guys, I hope you all will be good and this is my guarantee that after reading this post, you will get better as we are going to give you a very important information in this post. So if you If you want to get that information completely, then you will definitely get the full information after reading this post till the end.

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Milk will definitely come in your house, but do you know that if milk breaks out and what does it mean? If milk is boiled in a house repeatedly, it means that there is only fighting and quarrels in that house, and Lakshmi does not reside in that house.

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And if the milk is sometimes boiled in somebody's house, that is, once a month, Lakshmi's residence is always in that house and there is no fight between the house. If you like the information then this post Please do lik and share and ask in your question comment and follow this channel.
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