To start own business follow this method get government help

In today's era, young people think about starting a new startup rather than a job. Young people in all major cities of India are more enthusiastic about low and startup. There are also some job-seekers who start their startups during their jobs and earn less each month by giving less time.

The central government's ambitious plan has also been seen by the Modi government of the central government, and this has started the scheme called Startup India and Standup India. Under this, the government will provide financial help for your startup and you will also get the benefit of tax deduction. There are many businesses on which the government provides loans at very low rates. However, for this, you have to have a unique idea about business so that the government can fulfill your demand. Government provides government help for up to 55 percent for Unique Business Idea.

The textile industry is in the highest employment sector in the country. Millions of people are running their livelihood by working in this sector. The Modi government of the Center has increased the fund's limit from 300 million to 50 crore rupees in January this year to develop high-tech technology for textile sector. If you are in the textile industry and you are producing new and cheap technologies, then you will be given this fund by the government and an additional 10 percent subsidy will also be given. For this, you have to meet some of the government's eligibility conditions.

Business of Green Energy (Solar Light) The Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission was created in 2010 to make the country a solar power. In this scheme, the government provides subsidy along with loans as well. Installing Solar Light System and Funding for Small Capacity PV Systems Funds up to 40 per cent of government approved cast. For this, the government gives a capital subsidy of 90 percent. For this, your unit should be near Andaman Nicobar or the North East Border Area. You can get more information about this subject at the Government of India's Ministry of Energy's Ministry.

The standup India scheme was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April 2015. Loan is provided to SC, ST and Women Entrepreneur in this scheme. Standup India plan is part of the government's startup India plan. In this scheme, loans of Rs 10 lakh to Rs 1 crore are given to people who start the business of the bank, which is enough to complete the project by 75 percent. You have to spend at least 10 per cent of your cost in this project. In this scheme you get bank loan at 3% rate.

To promote startup in the startup India country, the Modi government had announced the startup India scheme in the 2015-16 budget. Under this, the Modi government of the Center had provided a budget of Rs. 10 thousand crores. In this scheme, the state can also help the person who initiates startup from his own financial help. In this case, Uttar Pradesh's Akhilesh Yadav government has prepared a fund of Rs 100 crore for Startup India. To get government help in Startup India, you have a unique idea. After this, you can register at the startup India portal.

Cold storage business Every year in the country, the grains of millions are spoiled due to rain or lack of proper maintenance. According to one figure, in the country 40 percent of grains perish in the country. Now the Government is encouraging the cold-storage chain to protect the food from bad. The government gives subsidy of up to 55 percent of the people who start the cold storage business. In the plains, the subsidy is 40 per cent and in rural areas the subsidy is 55 per cent. In this scheme, the government provides loans at 32 thousand rupees per tonne.
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