बुराड़ी में हुई 11 मौतों का रहस्य जानने के लिए पुलिस ने तांत्रिक से की पूछताछ, ऐसे हुआ संदेह

 In connection with the mysterious death of 11 members of a family in Delhi on Sunday, the police interrogated a Tantric and his colleagues on Monday and questioned him. Police said that he got a note written by the place of worship in the two-storey house situated at Satant Nagar of Bhuntari in the place of incident, thereby showing the mysterious relationship of death.
... Such a skeptical role of a tantric
In this accident, except for one, all the rest were found hanged from the roof. Most of the dead were blindfolded and their hands tied behind them. The dead body of the oldest man Narayan Devi (77) was lying on the floor, whose marks were found on his throat. Notes found in a diary near the place of worship indicate mysticism. It mentions primership, salvation, custom and some dates of the previous month. Material like ghee and rice used in the pooja also got recovered from the house. The police suspect that there can be a role of Tantric or a monk behind death.
'Every morning, every two hours was going to be ritual'
Police officer said that the family followed almost every directive to get salvation. It was also told that no family member would use a mobile phone. Police have recovered their mobile phones from the house within a few hours. Neighboring Vivek Kumar told that the rituals were going on for two hours in the family every morning and evening for the past few weeks.
Instructions were given step by step in the letter
A police officer said, "We suspect that the death of the family members would have happened due to some rituals." The official said that there are some instructions in the note, which states that ...
- 'Every person should be blindfolded in the right way, only the ultimate place should be visible in the eyes.'
- 'Worship the tree of the Banyan tree for seven days continuously with reverence. If someone comes home then do this work the next day. For this, choose Thursday or Sunday. '
- 'If elderly woman (Narayana Devi) can not be standing, she can lie in another room.'
- 'Use light light for rituals. Perform rituals from 12 a.m. to 1 a.m. so that no one should disturb you. '
- 'When all of you hang on hanging during that time, then God will suddenly appear and save you at that moment.'
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