To remove the problem of infertility and impotence, use this plant's leaf

बांझपन और नपुंसकता की समस्या को दूर करने के लिए इस पौधे की पत्ती का करें इस्तेमालThird party image reference
Hello friends once again welcome. In your channel. Today, we are going to tell you about a plant which can eliminate diseases such as your infertility and impotence. The name of the plant we are talking about is true. This is called subdivision in common language. This plant is considered inauspicious. But Satnaasi has many medicinal properties which are used in many herbs. With this plant you can get rid of impotence and infertility problems.

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If a person is suffering from infertility problem and no cure is working, then he should consume the root of the plant of Satyanasi and make his powder and mix 2 grams of powdered milk in a glass of milk. This way your problem will end in a few days.

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To remove the disease of impotence, make a powder by grinding the roots of Satyanasi and mix it with the banyan milk and make its pills. You should use the bullets for a continuous 14 days. You have to make 1 shot in the morning and evening in 1 day. Your impotence disease will end.
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