Take out the ATM from cash worth more than 10000 rupees, then know these things

New Delhi (Business Desk) Due to the ban only after the ban, there was a sharp increase in the Diesel transaction within the country. Of course, the matter is now being cashless, but cash has its own importance. There are many occasions when our work can be cached. In such a situation, what will you do when we have finished cache and you are not ready to take the pattyme which you have to pay? In such a situation, you have to find ATMs around here.
In today's time, the ATM can be extracted from Rs 100 to Rs 50,000. Although this sometimes depends on your card type too. But during the transaction of more than Rs 10,000, we often forget some things, which we have to pay due to the extra charge. To avoid this charge you must take care of a few things.ATM से निकालते हैं 10000 रुपये से ज्यादा का कैश, तो जान लें ये बातें
1. Prefer your bank ATMs:
Whenever you want to withdraw more than 10,000 rupees from the ATM, then try to use your bank's ATM, because usually the transaction limit given to you by your bank is higher than the other bank. Let's assume that you have to withdraw 25,000 rupees from the ATM and your bank allows you to withdraw 25,000 rupees at a time, but you may be able to withdraw only Rs 10,000 from the other bank's ATM. You have to deal with two ATMs and ATMs. The loss of this will be that the free transaction limit available in the month will be reduced.
2. Every time there are count of transactions:
Let's assume that you have to withdraw 30,000 rupees from the ATM and ATM can allow you to withdraw 10000 thousand rupees at a time, so to withdraw the remaining 20,000 rupees, you have to use your ATM twice more. It means that you have to do 3 transactions for 3 million rupees. The banks separately offer free transaction limit for withdrawing money from ATMs and ATMs from other banks. As many banks offer 5 to 8 times free transactions from their ATMs, and if you use another bank ATM, then this number decreases to 3 to 4. And after crossing this limit, the bank charges extra charge from you through ATM. So, the next time you do transactions from ATMs, keep in mind the idea of ​​free transactions through your ATM card.
3. Take care of ATMs and accounts as well.
At ATM transactions, you should also keep in mind what location your account is and where you are using an ATM, because there is a limit for withdrawal of money from metro cities, non-metro cities and ATMs of villages. Not only this, the charging charge for withdrawing money from ATMs depends on the fact that it is (ATM) where it is.
4. Useful of more than one card will be beneficial:
If you are removing a lot of money from the ATM, then definitely it can be removed at one time. For that you have to withdraw money using alternate ATMs. So it would be better for you if you have more than one card, then do transactions with them. This will give you two benefits first, that your limit of free transaction will remain, and secondly you will have money in those accounts because of your debit from your separate account.
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