This minister of Narendra Modi favored the Nitish government, opened the poll in Lok Sabha

Perhaps in Bihar's politics, Nitish Kumar, JDU chief, is not doing anything good on the day. Oppositions are attacking them, now NDA constituent parties are raining on them as soon as they get the chance. Two days ago, LJP-RLSPA had targeted Nitish Kumar very much. The BJP is no longer behind Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Last year, Union minister Giriraj Singh had said of unilateral action to the police. But in the monsoon session of the Lok Sabha on Thursday, BJP's Union Minister Nitin Gadkari blasted the Nitish government.
This minister of Narendra Modi favored the Nitish government, opened the poll in Lok Sabhaनरेंद्र मोदी के इस मंत्री ने नीतीश सरकार पर जमकर बरसा, लोकसभा में खोल दी पोल
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After a month, Gadkari again opened his mouth
Actually, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari is about to tarnish Nitish after nearly a month. This time, he has not made any accusations while talking to any press conference or any media, he has said these things in the country's largest house, the Lok Sabha. He said that I am troubled by the attitude of the Bihar government. Gadkari has questioned the intentions of the Bihar government.

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80% land acquisition is very important
On the first day of the monsoon session in the Lok Sabha, he said that due to non-acquisition of land, we can not move forward. Until the land is found, the department can not start the work. He said that the order has been made on the development work related to the National Highway in the file. I also wish that the development of Bihar as soon as possible. But, till now the land has not been acquired. He asked for the name of Nitish Kumar, that unless the Bihar government acquires 80 percent of the land, we can not start the work of the road project.
On June 15 this year, the charges were first imposed
It is noteworthy that even on June 15, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had said that I am committed to Bihar's development and want to help the state. There are plans for development work of three lakh crores in Bihar. But the case of land acquisition is pending. He clearly said that how will the work be done when the acquisition of land does not take place? He said that I love Bihar, so I am saying that the Bihar Government will pay attention to this
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