This Mantra speaks the broken Tulsi letter, the house is maintained in the house

यह मंत्र बोलकर तोड़े तुलसी पत्र, घर में बनी रहे कृपाnew Delhi. People of Hindu religion have been worshiping the Tulsi plant since the past. Tulsi plant is considered as a holy plant and it is used in worship with reverence. There are many medicinal properties found in the Tulsi plant. In the scriptures, Tulsi is considered as a sacred, a Goddess, because of this, if there is basil in the house, then some things should be taken care of. Tulsi is considered to be worshipable, sacred and Goddess form in the books, because of this there are basil in the house Things should be kept in mind.
Tulsi letter should not be broken for no reason
The new moon should not break basil on the date of Chadas. It is considered a curse to break Tulsi on Sundays, Fridays and even Saptami dates. While breaking the letter from Tulsi, Goddess Tulsi should allow permission to break the letter. Unfortunately, the Tulsi letter should not be broken. It is best to use the Tulsi letter falling down and worshiping in the medicines.
In relation to breaking basil letter, it is said in the air purana
Asnata Tulsi Chitvaa: Pooja Kurute Male:.
Sapradi Bhaveet Satyenam Thi OmniShamphal Bhavat ..
That is, the person who performs worship by breaking the basil after bathing without bathing. He is considered a criminal, and his worship worn his failure.
Mantra while breaking basil leaves
Matthulas Govinda Hardyananda Karini
Narayanasu Pujaadtham Chinomi Twan Namottai ..
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