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googleIAS परीक्षा टॉपर टीना डाबी ने इस टाइम टेबल के जरिये की थी पढ़ाई, आप भी अपनायें
Friends, the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) comes first in the country's most prestigious jobs. Every year many young people, who are excited about hard work and experiment with hard work, try their luck in the UPSC exam. The one who succeeds, his world exemplifies and becomes a bright star in the society, so that every person wants to take inspiration. On the other hand, the one who fails does not even have anybody to listen to.
Millions of young people, who have saved dreams of success, have been entangled in the small rooms of a big city away from their home and have been missing out on books and notes every year without any effort. On the other hand, some students achieve their goal in their first or second attempt.
The main reason for this is to read and read the study properly and to read it properly, so that it can be remembered well at the time.

Tina Dabi
At the moment, we are going to share the issue with you, UPSC Topper Tina Dabir's Personal Time Table, which will give you an estimate of the time table of toppers. Whether you want to follow this time table as closely as possible or make some changes in it, you can adopt it.

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So start your studies by creating a better time table from today and strictly follow that time table.
The toppers believe that the UPSC is not so big as it is told. With firm determination and unwavering hard work, this dream can be completed comfortably. So, by removing any kind of negativity, make your mind read. Success will kiss your steps.
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