The cheapest cashew nuts are found in this place in India, once you go

Who does not like cashew nuts, but cashew nuts are so much that the common man just keeps watching the dreams, but today we will tell you a place in India where cashews are so cheap that you will not believe .
The cheapest cashew nuts are found in this place in India, once you go
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Where is the cheap cashew nuts
This place is located in Jharkhand, whose name is Jamtada. Do not ask the fact that the price of cashew nuts is so low in the Nallah area of ​​Jamtada, because the person who sells cashew nuts in his area can earn a lot of profits. In our city we can take one kg of cashew nuts in our city, as much money as we can take cashew nuts for about 100 kg.

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Why get so cheap
Around 90 acres of cashew nuts in the Jamatara area, there is a huge plantation of cashew nuts and people here wage labor and this is why people collect cashew nuts and sell them cheap. Here, cashew cultivation was done several years ago here, under which Kriopandh Jha was the owner, this mausoleum was very fond of eating cashew nuts and this mausoleous started promoting cashew cultivation here.

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When the Kriyampand started promoting the local people and got training from Odisha farming experts, afterwards, the people started cultivating cashew nuts, and from here onwards, even today the low and cheap cashew nuts See you.
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