Shreeharis will be four months from today, not sleeping

Indore, New World Representative For four months, Lord Shri Vishnu will go to sleep on Devshani Ekadashi on Monday. During this time, the sleeping aarti in the Krishna temple of the city will be. With the introduction of Chaturmas on this day, there will also be a break on the demand for marriage, naming, Mundan-house entry. Dindi's journey will be drawn on the lines of Pandharpur of Maharashtra by Maharashtrian society.
श्रीहरि आज से चार माह करेंगे शयन, नहीं होंगे मांगलिक कार्यJyotivid Om Vashishta told that after the launch of Chaturmas from Devshayan, there has been a break on the demanding works. Now the beginnings of the demanding work will begin on November 19 with Devushani Gyaras. This time, even after Devyothani Gyaras, marital arrangements will not start because Guru's star will also last 12 November to 7 December. After that, the sagittal will take a badge from December 16.
Ekadashi of Shukl Paksha of Ashadh Month is celebrated in our tradition as Devashani Ekadashi. It is believed that Lord Shri Hari will remain in rest for the next four months from this day. In these four months, all the Manglik-social events will be barred.
Ekadashi is considered very important in Hindu religion. There are a total of 24 Ekadasias in the year, but in the year that year Malamas or Greaterama comes, it increases to 26. The Ekadashi of the Shukla Paksha of Aashadh is called Devashani Ekadashi.
From the day of Devashni Ekadashi, the bedtime of Lord Vishnu begins and hence this is called Devshati Ekadashi. From Devashni Ekadashi to Lord Vishnu in the next four months, he goes to sleep, which ends on Devulhani Ekadashi. And Lord Vishnu re-awakens only on Devuthani Ekadashi. Devshayan Ekadashi is also called Padma Ekadashi, Asadhdi Ekadashi and Harishyaney Ekadashi.
What is Devashni Ekadashi?
Harishiyani Ekadashi comes on the Ekadashi date of the Shukla party of the month of ahaadh month. From the Shukla Ekadashi of the month of Ashadh to Shukla Ekadashi of the month of Kartik, any kind of auspicious work like sacrificing sacraments, marriage, initiation, planetary service, house building Yajna, etc. are as good auspicious as there are many auspicious functions associated with religion. During this period, doing any good work is not considered good. According to mythological texts, the bed of Shri Hari is also called Yogidra.
In this period, all the auspicious works of marriage are barred. In these days, the ascetic dwells in one place only. Only Braj travel can be done in religious visits. It is believed in the subject of Braj that, in these four months, all the Gods gather and reside in the Tirtha Braj. This Ekadashi has also been described in Bevattipuraan. It meets all the wishes of Ekadashi fasting.
Behind this tradition, the practical things along with mythology are also attached. Traditionally, these four months of rainy season are very important in the agricultural economy, in such a situation if there are any kind of demanding arrangements in these days, then the focus will be on basic work.
Similarly in the rainy months many practical problems also occur in the socio-collective event, hence this time it has been barred for planned events.
Worship method
On the day of devashni Ekadashi, wake up early in the morning and clean the house. After that, get rid of the daily karma and make the house holy by making the bath, and make the house holy with the Ganges water. Now place an idol of Lord Hari's gold, silver, copper or bronze statue at the place of worship. After this, worship with hexadecondance.
Place the pumpkin over the grain to worship. Bind the Aquarius to the red color. After this worship the Aquarius. After performing all these actions, we should worship Shree Hari from sunlight, lamp and flowers. After finishing the worship, you must read or listen to the fast story. After that do the aarti and share the offerings. At the end, bed linen covered with a white sheet should sleep on Shree Hari Vishnu.
Fasting method
In order to perform Ekadashi fast for Devshauti Ekadashi, one has to prepare this vow for the fast from the night of Dasami date. There should not be any kind of tamasic instinct for dinner in Dashami's dinner. Using salt in food reduces the auspicious fruit of the fast. Swati should sleep on the ground.
Barley, meat, wheat and moong donation should be avoided. This fast starts from the date of tenth and runs till the morning of the day Speaking truth in both dates and date of dates should be avoided and others should not use words that cause misery or harm.
Items to be abandoned by Devashani Ekadashi:
1. After going to Lord Vishnu's bedtime, after consuming gold, lying, meat and fish on the bed for the next four months, the consumption of curd-rice, radish and eggplant etc. given by others should be discarded.
2. After four years of asceticism, the ascetic do not travel and do penance in one place. During this time only Braj can be visited. Because all the pilgrimage places of the earth dwell during Brahmaas.
Devashani Ekadashi Fast Tale
A mythological story related to Devashani Ekadashi is prevalent. Suryavanshi was a king named Mandhata. He was a truthful, great, great and chakravarti. He takes the same care of the son of his subjects. There was never a famine in his kingdom. At one time a famine fell in the king's kingdom.
The people became very sad due to lack of food. Yagya has stopped being sacrificed in the state. One day, the King went to the king and started praying, O Rajan, the main reason for the creation of the whole world is rain. Due to the absence of this rain, there has been a famine in the state. And because of this, the people are facing the shortage of Anna.
Seeing this, the King, praying to God
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