Often you love in life but do not know the important information related to this love word

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If in today's world, if something relaxes the heart, then it is love. Everybody's heart gets a relaxed feeling after listening to the word of love. It is said that love begins with eyes and a sight is enough, to fall in love. Although love gives happiness and happiness too. Love is the love, it is a subject on which every person shows his interest. You must be surprised to know that every day there is a word to be searched on the Internet, it is love, ie love. Today we will tell you some interesting facts that you will never know. 1. The most I love u is spoken in the month of November. 2. Psychologist says that the more you hide the love of your love, the more the love goes up. 3. The person who is afraid to fall in love is called Philophobia. 4. Conscious of science is a beautiful face more attractive than a perfect body. 5. Psychologist says that if we look at someone's neck, then it works as a pen killer on our nervous system. 6. You will be surprised to know that every day 30 million people go on a date with their partner. 7. Tell you that only 2% of the couples in the world express their love in a mall or any supermarket. 8. You will be surprised to know, a farmer in Argentina had cultivated his entire life in a guitar-shaped farm in memory of his late wife. 9. Do you know 90% of men express their love themselves, 10% of the women count. The reason behind this is that love initiatives are often from men's side. 10. In 1250 the 'heart symbol' was first used. 11. Do you know when your heart is in a romantic mood then your brain works very well. 12. Love Marriage began in the 18th century. 13. Scientist says that love creates an image on the mind of a human being, from where it receives maximum happiness. 14. You may be surprised to know that many prisoners run away from prison in Valentine's Day and meet their girlfriend. 15. In one survey it has been said that the people who cheated in love have very few IQs. 16. There is a bitter truth that 25% of the love marriages are good only, whereas in 75% case there is a divorce. 17. Tell you a romantic relationship is a disease and this is the name of the disease, obese compulsive disorder. 18. Do you know that a swan lives with the same life-style as human beings? 19. In one survey, it has also been found that the person who does not love in life can be a victim of Shakes loneliness. 20. In today's era the LOL has changed, but do you know that before coming to the Internet, LOL meant Lots of love. 21. If you see the picture of someone you love and if you see his picture, then any pain of yours is reduced to some degree.
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