A village where hundreds of thousands are used in the cultivation of poisonous snakes

एक गांव जहां हजारों की तादाद में की जाती है जहरीले सांपों की खेतीnew Delhi. Do you know that people in our neighboring country of China produce poisonous snakes in the number of millions. There is a village in China where more than 30 million poisonous snakes are born and produced every year. The name of this village is Jicikiao. Here the snake farming is the main source of income for the people. For information, let us know that the present population of this village is about one thousand. This shows that normally every person of the village adheres to about 30 thousand snakes every year.

The species of snakes found here include a number of deadly snakes including huge cobra, python, and poisonous wiper. Although the people here are not afraid of snakes, but the locals say that they are the most afraid of the same snake. Whose name is 'Five Step' Snake. Now let's talk about why the name 'Five Step' is kept behind it is also an interesting story. The people here believe that after this snake bite, only five steps can be reached and the person dies only in such a number.

People of this village follow snakes so that they can sell their meat and other body parts in the market. Do you get it? Snake Meet China People in China eat big hobbies. Also, the body parts of snakes are used to make medicines. When and why did this happen, people started doing business of snakes. In Jikikiao village, more things are cultivated such as jute, tea, cotton but in today's time this village is known to have the reason for snake farming all over the world. There are hundred snake forms in this small village. He says, "After taking snakes from the farm house to the slaughterhouse, their poison is first removed and then their head is cut off." Then after cutting the snakes, remove their meat and put them aside. It is used for drying in separate doughs, its use of meat is used to make food and medicines, and in the same way, the bag is made from skinned leather and sold in the market.
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