Misconceptions about secret organs, confrontation

Own report: Traveling to Dubai went round. And in the shopping mall, there was an attack by a section of the netizen faces Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel. While appearing in Dubai's house, while spending time with friends, surrounded him, many of his fans Meena also took pictures with them. However, Amshasha started writing a little bit of this picture with a few net people.

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Somebody started kissing from the secret body of 'Kaho Naa Paar Hai'. Again many people started indecent remarks about him. Not only that, many unreasonable comments were also made for the Bollywood actress. Although actress Amisha did not make any counter commentary about this.

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However, this is not the first time, but several times before, it was criticized by Amisha Patel's dress several times. Ever since, Missa was called a 'sex worker'. Ever since the alcoholic picture was viral, he had to face the eyeball.

Not only Ameesha Patel, many Bollywood actresses have to face the face of Netizens after wearing clothes. Among them, there are names of Karina Kapoor Khan, Fatima Sana Sheikh. Priyanka Chopra has also been attacked due to meeting with the Prime Minister after wearing a knee again. Along with this, Deepika Padukone was also faced with criticism of dress and appearance.

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Recently, in a magazine photo shoot, Deepika started to comment on 'sick'. Many people have said that Deepika has become 'skeleton' by leaving food for her performance. However, Deepika did not make any comment on the matter.

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