Do not neglect Panta Rice. Panta rice can give you long life span

Some people do not believe in the benefits of panta rice. The tradition of eating panta rice in two Bengali days is coming from the era of that era. The elders would say, the nutritional value of panta rice or many. Now science has put a hilt around our ancestors. We eat panta rice by closing our eyes in the morning, but after knowing that there are many qualifications, you have to be surprised.

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Doctors believe that there is a great need for vitamins to survive in the life, or they can fill Panta rice. Panta rice can really be your best friend if you want to get long life without exercising every day. Again women want to be a little thin, but they want to be able to take the shape, but why is it late?

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A group of scientists in Assam examined that if we kept 100 grams of rice for twelve hours, then 73.91 milligrams of iron were made. On the other hand, we prefer to eat the hot rice that weighs about 100 grams of iron in the amount of 3.4 mg. I wonder what happened! What is more so is that the amount of potassium in the amount of pantea increased by 840 milligrams and the amount of calcium increased to 850 milligrams. And the amount of calories in the same amount of hot water contains 21 milligrams. The quantity of sodium decreases to 303 milligrams. A hundred grams of sodium in hot gram is 480 mg.

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American Nutrition Associan's research found that if the rice was soaked in water, the effectiveness of some enzymes, including stomach pancreatic amylase, multiplied. As a result, complex carbohydrates of Panta rice become easily digested. Besides, a lot of vitamin B6 and Vitamin B-12 are available in Panta Bhata.

Many useful bacteria in the body are made from rice pata. Stomach upset. Keep the stomach clean. Panta rice pair fair to keep the body fresh. Maintains balance in body temperature. Keeping blood pressure normal and healthy is heart.

So the benefits of panta rice can give you long life span.

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