Mahabharata fixes on these six issues in a ruckus on lining, monsoon session

लिंचिंग पर हंगामा, मॉनसून सत्र में इन 6 मुद्दों पर महाभारत तय
The monsoon session of Parliament has started from today and till 10th August. In the Lok Sabha, pending bills and Ordinances will be discussed. But on the very first day a ruckus was started on the issues which were feared. In the Lok Sabha, the Congress demanded discussion on raising the issue of lingering and demanding discussion. On this issue, MPs of Opposition parties in the Lok Sabha froze slogans of 'We want justice'. At the same time, there was an attempt to surround the government in the Rajya Sabha. Actually there are some issues on which the confrontation in the House is abound.
Violence in the name of cow protection
Concerned about the continuous violence by the gost-houses, the opposition has long been preparing to surround the government in Parliament. The opposition has a direct allegation that such incidents are being carried out on BJP's co-operation. Especially, during the Monsoon session, the opposition will be beaten by the oppression of Dalits and Muslims in the guise of Goraksha. However, in this case, guidelines have been issued by the Supreme Court just a day before the monsoon session. The Supreme Court said no citizen can take law in their own hands. It is the duty of these State Governments to maintain law and order. The court said that Parliament made laws for this, with the provision of punishment for murder by a mob.
2. Political crisis in Jammu and Kashmir
After running the coalition government for three years in Jammu and Kashmir, the BJP last month decided to separate from the PDP. The BJP has argued for breaking the coalition in national interest, so the opposition has described it as evidence of the failure of the government's Kashmir policy. The Opposition alleges that BJP has failed completely to curb terrorism in the Valley. There is a possibility of a storm over the state of Kashmir during the current session. Apart from this, other opposition parties, including the National Conference, can also demand for early elections in Kashmir.
3. Diseases of farmers
Opposition is constantly accusing the government of ignoring the farmers. During the monsoon session, all the regional parties will try to surround the government on this issue. Although just before the session, the Center has announced to increase the minimum support price (MSP) of Kharif crops, keeping the opposition silent. But the opposition is telling it the election lollipop. All regional parties can be united in the House against the government on this issue.
4. Petrol-diesel expensive
There has been a steady increase in prices of petrol and diesel in the last three months. In a way, it is a matter of trouble for the government government in Parliament. Because Congress is constantly referring to cut prices of crude oil and referring to lower prices of petrol and diesel in the UPA government. This issue was thrown too much during the Karnataka elections. Not only that, the loss of farmers due to the increase in petrol and diesel prices is also likely to be a fight between the opposition and the government.
5. Three Divorce and Women's Reservation
The monsoon session has begun in Parliament today. In an effort to encircle the Congress on the issue of women's empowerment, the government has appealed to the main opposition party to cooperate with women's reservation, three divorces and marriage halal bills once passed from Parliament. The Modi government says that the practice of three divorces and marriage celebrations has not only unequal behavior with Muslim women, but also their dignity has been compromised. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi has written a letter to the PM asking for the passage of the Women's Reservation Bill in the monsoon session. In such a situation, between the Congress and the BJP on the issue of three divorces, there is a sense of humiliation in the Parliament.
6. Violence of the mobocracy
After the Modi government came to power, the issue of lingering has always been dominated by the state. In the rumors of kidnapping the child in the past, people were beaten and beaten in many places. Last week, a mob of an engineer kidnapped in Bidar, Karnataka killed a mob in a rumor. Steps have been taken by the Home Ministry to curb these rumors spreading from social sites such as WhatsApp and Facebook. This issue is set to rise in the House and the opposition can call it on the request of Home Minister and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
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