India's defeat in the third one-dayer, due to these mistakes

New Delhi / Shashank Yagnik The three-match ODI series between England and India was named England. England won the series 2-1. By the way in which India won the series in the first match of the series, it seemed as if the team would make its name even to the series. On the other hand, the way England returned in the next two matches, they once again exposed the shortcomings of Team India.तीसरे वनडे में भारत की हार, इन गलतियों के चलते टीम इंडिया ने गंवाई सीरीज
Team India misses bowling
Although Team India has the most excellent bowlers in the world, like Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jaspreet Bumrah, to bowl at the beginning and death overs, but in their absence, the bowling of Team India looks quite simple. On this visit to England, Bumrah had to return to India due to injury. At the same time both Bhuvneshwar Kumar failed to play due to injuries in both the matches. In place of these two, Umesh Yadav and Siddhath Call were included in the team.
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These two bowlers neither succeeded in taking the wickets of the opposition team in the opening overs nor did they succeed in stopping the runs in the last over. Although the performance of the Chimanmouth bowler Kuldeep Yadav played an important role in stopping England on low scores and then by Rohit Sharma's century, Team India won the toss.
In the latter two matches, the problem of the team did not go away. In the second match it was also seen, Bhuvneshwar was fed in the third match but he also appeared out of his rhythm. In the third match, Bhuvneshwar scored 49 runs in 7 overs and his hands did not make any success.
India's weak middle order-
This problem of Team India is being seen from the Champions Trophy last year. Team India's top order means that if the initial three batsmen get out early, the middle order can not perform well. In other words, if two of the first three batsmen get out quickly, then the middle order of the team can not bear the pressure and the team is not able to perform well.
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Team victory in first match- In the first match Team India won. The top order of the Indian team was the reason for this win. In this match, the fast bowlers of Team India failed because the spin bowling and the batting of the top order hid the shortage. Rohit Sharma played an unbeaten innings of 137 in this match, and opener Shikhar Dhawan also scored 40 runs. At the same time, batting at number three, the team's captain Virat Kohli gave Rohit a fine 75 runs. In this match, the Indian team won by 8 wickets.
Team India's defeat in the second match - once again the team's fast bowler failed. Both the frontline bowlers of the team have been able to achieve the same wicket in the same wicket. In this match Team India got the target of 323 runs, in response to that the team only managed to score 236 and the team lost the match by 86 runs. In this match, the team's initial three batsmen could not perform well and once again the middle order disappointed all fans.
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India lost to India in the last match - In this match, Team India first gave England the target of 257 runs while batting. The team's top order did well in this match but batting at a slow pace. Due to this the team could not make big scores. In the first 10 overs, the top order got only 32 runs on a wicket. After this, the speed increased as the middle order but the middle order once again disappointed. Despite 156-4 in 30 overs, the team could only manage 256 runs at the loss of 8 wickets in the next 20 overs.
It is also important to pay attention to these pitfalls because the 2019 World Cup in England will be played in these days. In such a situation, if the Indian team does not correct their mistakes then the World Cup is considered to be the strongest contender, the dream to win Team India's 2019 World Cup will be an incomplete one.
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