Income tax in UP, 100 kg of gold and 100 million cash received from usury businessman

Lucknow. While taking the biggest action till date, the Income Tax Department has recovered more than 100 kg of gold and Rs 9.21 crore from two business brothers of Lucknow, who has been engaged in a business of usury. On Tuesday morning, the raids started on Lucknow and Mumbai's bases continued on the second day on Wednesday. Income tax officials have seized the remaining amount and seized the entire gold, leaving Rs 16 lakh.यूपी में आयकर का छापा, सूदखोर कारोबारी से मिला 100 किलो सोना और 10 करोड़ नकद
In the investigation of an office of Mumbai at five places including the warehouse, office and residence of the old Lucknow businessman Kanhaiyalal Rastogi, the income tax department has received a lot of black money through several firms, while the usury with the bullion and real estate Invest in investment has also been detected.
Joint director of Income Tax (Investigation) Jaynath Verma said on Wednesday that, while receiving cash worth Rs 8.08 crore from Kanhaiyalal, 87 kg gold was recovered in the form of gold coins. Apart from this, two kg of gold jewelery has also been found in the locker. According to officials, gold worth Rs 30 crore was recovered near Kanhaiyalal.
11.64 kg gold was recovered from the bases of Kanhaiyalal's brother Sanjay Rastogi with 1.13 crore rupees. Here also gold is found in one kilogram of coconut and hundred-hundred gram pieces. Income Tax officials said that in the interrogation, both the businessman could not calculate the amount and the amount of gold recovered, on which the two brothers had seized the remaining amount except for eight to eight lakh rupees for the expenditure. Joint Director Verma said that as per the amount recovered, this 16 lakh rupees will also be included in the calculation and accordingly tax and penalty will be determined.
State Bank of India's numbered notes
After recovered nearly Rs. 9 crores of rupees from the Sood trader, the officers were stunned for counting it. They counted the full amount from the note-counting machine, then at around one o'clock in the afternoon, a team of four personnel from the main branch of the State Bank of India was called. The team was involved in counting notes from 11 pm to noon. Meanwhile, bank employees also investigated the possibility of counterfeit currency notes.
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