185 runs and 4 wickets: Arjun Tendulkar's flop

 In the first Youth Test between India Under-19 and Sri Lanka Under-19, Sachin Tendulkar's son, Arjun Tendulkar, has lost his wicket without playing 11 balls and without opening an account. Although Arjun may not have been able to perform well with the bat, other batsmen of the team have batted hard and took lead of 345 runs. Team India's AYUSH Bawnee has performed strong with both the ball and the bat. He hit 4 wickets in the bowling before he scored 185 not out from the bat.185 रन और 4 विकेट: अर्जुन तेंदुलकर के फ्लॉप होने पर इस खिलाड़ी ने संभाला गेंद-बल्ले से मोर्चा
Aishwarya's performance from the bat-
Aishush batted with an unbeaten 185 in 205 balls. In this innings, he scored 19 fours and 4 sixes. Apart from them, opener Atharva Rayudu also played a magnificent batting innings of 113 runs. With the help of both of these, India Under-19 got a huge target of 589 runs. With this score, India took the lead in Sri Lanka's first innings 345 runs.
Bowling of AYUSH-
Ayush also has a fantastic bowling. He has run four Sri Lankan batsmen. With the help of which the Indian team all-out Sri Lanka all out for 244 runs. He hit 4 fours in 9.3 overs. Apart from them, Harsh Tyagi also hit 4 wickets. Arjun Tendulkar got 1 wicket.
- Arjun Tendulkar could not open the flop, 11 ball games - this son of the country increased the honor
Arjun's performance so far -
In batting, Arjun has scored 11 runs in 11 balls. However, Arjun took his first wicket of his career in the second over in bowling. Indian captain Anuj Rawat in the match being played at the Underscruit Cricket Club Ground of Colombo, given the first over of the match to Arjun Tendulkar. Arjuna, the last ball of his second over, was given out LBW by Sri Lankan batsman Kamil Mizra.
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