Oil is the biggest death toll in India, the cause of death of 20 million people in a year

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Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about the oil under which the samosas and many types of food are eaten. This oil is a slow poison and the person gradually slows the power of death. Friends I'm talking about refined oil Let us know that according to the Kerala Ayurvedic University of Auf Research Center, deaths of 2 million people every year have become the cause of refined oil. DNA damage, RNA blasting, heart attack, heart blockage, brain damage, paralysis sugar, BP, impotence, cancer, weakening of bones, joint pain, back pain, kidney damage, liver bad, cholesterol, eyesight with refined oil. Decreased, tendinous diseases, infertility, pillas, skin diseases and skin diseases.
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How refined oil is formed

The oil is extracted with the peel of seeds, in this method the impurities which are in the oil, are cleaned and refined to make the oil odor and colorless.

Washing - Water, salt, caustic soda, sulfur, potassium, acids and other dangerous acids are used for washing so that impurities are out of this. In this process, I like Garg Vedges, which is used in making tires, like tarrocks. This oil has become poison due to acid.

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Neutralization- Caustic or soap is mixed with oil and heated to 180 ° F. By which all the posticant elements of this oil are destroyed.

Bleaching - P.O. in this ritual Bleaching / p. O P. It is used to make the house / using the oil paint and the chemicals mixed are heated by heating at 130 ° F.

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Hydrogenation - Nicole and hydrogen mixed with oil in a tank are stirred. In all these processes, oil is heated and cooled 7-8 times, making pellimers in the oil, causing the digestive system to be in danger, and not eating food causes all diseases. Nickel is a type of catalyst metal (iron) which causes damage to our body's respiratory system, liver, skin, metabolism, DNA, RNA. All elements of refined oil are destroyed and the acid is damaged by getting acid (chemical).

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Mr. Rajesh G. Goyal, professor of Jaipur says that, drink water of dirty drain, nothing will happen to it, because in our body the antibacterial ability destroys and destroys those bacteria, but the death of a person who is eating refined oil Sure it is.

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