Deposit every month 1 thousand, you will continue to get 17 thousand rupees a month

 If you start saving at a young age, then it has major advantages. This can secure your future completely. We are talking about such options, where if you deposit only Rs. 1,000 a month, you will continue to get 17 thousand rupees every month. That is, you will continue to get more than Rs 2 lakh annually. This scheme is of the government, in which it may be better planning for your future. The plan can include anyone from the age group of 18 years to 60 years.

What is this plan

The National Pension System has become a better option for future planning. This scheme was launched by the Indian Government on 1 January 2004. Any employee working in the private sector along with the government, whose age is between 18 and 60 years, can be included in the scheme of his own volition.

Can start from Rs 500

It is a good thing that this scheme can start with an investment of Rs. 500 a month. At the same time, the maximum amount of investment can be anything.

How will gain

There are many people who start a job at a young age, they come to the position that they can invest some monthly. In this way, we have chosen a 21 year radius for this, from which it has to invest only Rs. 1000. In the plan, you have to invest till you become 60 years old. At least 60% of the fund is ready at the age of 60, it is necessary to buy at least 40% of the annuity. However, if you want more pensions, you can make more money in Annuity. We have here calculations based on 60% annuity.

Can understand this as .....

Age 21 years

Investment period 39 years

Monthly investment Rs.1000

Total investment: 4.68 lakh

Estimated Returns 10 Percent

Total fund 57.60 lakhs

60% for Annuity

Estimated Annuity Rate 6 Percent

Monthly pension Rs. 17283

Annual pension Rs 2.07 lakh

Read more, apart from monthly pension, 23 lakh will get fund .......

23 lakhs will get together

Under the scheme, as much fund is ready in 60 years, the annuity amount will be Rs 34.56 lakh for buying an annuity of 60 per cent of its funds. The remaining 40 percent of the amount will be Rs 23 lakh. This amount can be withdrawn in a few steps after the age of 60 years.

After retirement, your monthly pension is more and more, it determines how much you make in Annuity. The more annuity, the more pension it will be. On death, the nominee gets the full pension amount.

Where is the money to invest

In this scheme, the amount is available in equities, equity market, government securities, government bonds and fixed income instruments. You have the option of where money will take.

Opening account is easy

Government has created Points of Opposition (POPs) across the country, in which NPS account can be opened. Nearly all government and private banks of the country have been made POPs, so any bank can open an account in the nearest branch of the bank.

Need These Documents

The completed registration form, which will be received from the bank.

An Address Proof

An identity proof.


Read more, there are 2 types of accounts ........

2 types of accounts

There are two types of accounts in this scheme.

Tier 1 Account: It is mandatory to open this account. You can not extract the amount deposited in this account before the age of 60. You can withdraw money only when you leave the scheme.

Tier 2 Account: Any Tier 1 Account Holder can open this account and can also deposit and withdraw money in its own interest. This account is not mandatory for everyone. It depends on your desire.

Note: Tier 1 account will have to deposit at least Rs. 500 and at least Rs. 1000 in Tier 2. There is no limit to the maximum amount. The amount of money you deposit in these accounts is the responsibility of the registered pension fund manager by PFRDA. You can choose your fund manager wisely and change it.

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