Do not make mistakes in the night of July 27, 2018, on the night of the eclipse

Like friends, we know that the biggest eclipse on 27th July is going to take place and during the eclipse, these seven tasks may be otherwise, the major losses. Friends, this year's second largest moon eclipse will be held on 27th and 28th of July Gurupurnima that night It was going to happen before it was held on January 31 and the last time it was 3 hours 24 minutes, but this time the eclipse will begin at 11.45 minutes and at 3:49 pmThis time oil massage should not be done because it can cause skin related problems.At the time of eclipse, you should not sleep, it can have a negative effect on life and on your health.Pregnant women, the sick person and the elderly can relax a little, pregnant women should take special care on this day. Should not go out of the house and should chant the mantras of God, it does not have any effect of eclipse Is there.During the eclipse, the idol of God should not be touched.Do not sleep at this time, do not eat food, and do not even eat food.Husband wife should not stay together at the time of eclipse because the scriptures say that if a child comes in the womb from the physical connection created at this time, then he is indulged in evil.At this time neither should we eat nor should we make it according to the scriptures that should recite the recitation of bhajan, kirtan, guru mantra and worship, from which self-realization is attained, as well as the effect of eclipse is eliminated but meditation idols Should not touch.So friends, as I told them, what things should be kept in mind during the eclipse, so befriended friends for this kind of news and do not forget to follow me so that I can bring you this kind of new and interesting information, blessed.
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