Bullet trains will have hi-tech facilities, children will be changing rooms and feeding

In the first bullet train project of Modi's government, the railway is ready to buy a bullet train of Japan's 25 E5 series at Tk 5000 crore.
Bullet trains will have hi-tech facilities, children will be changing rooms and feeding
Some of Japan's bullet trains

Due to delays in land acquisition for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train, it can be removed before its launch date, but the train is busy with all train trains and finalizing facilities for passengers. The special thing is that many facilities have been given to remember the bullet train children.

In the bullet train, children will be provided separate rooms for the feed. There will be special features for the sick people. In addition to these, separate tutorums will be created for men and women. These facilities will be given for the first time on the Indian Railways.

The E5 series of this bullet train will have 55 seats in the business class and 695 seats for the standard class. Trains will be given a place for train movement on trains. Children will be changed in this bullet train, which will shrink children's toilet seats, diaper displays and lower height for washing children. Additional amenities will be provided for wheelchair passengers.

In the coaches of bullet train, comfortable auto rotating seats can be found. In addition, the business class of the bullet train will have freeze, hot cases, withdrawal facilities, tea and coffee making machines and hand class worms.

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Coaches will have an LCD screen, where there will be information about upcoming stations, upcoming stations, destinations and arrivals arrival.

Let us tell you that under the Modi government's first bullet train project, the Railways are preparing for the 5000 crore taka to buy a bullet train of the 25-E series from Japan. Most of Mumbai-Ahmedabad will be elevated, out of which 21 kms will be extended from the underground Kerior police station. There will also be seven kilometer corridor built inside the sea.

Officially, the bullet train design has been kept for a long time. When a high speed train flows from the tunnel, due to the microscopic pressure wave, the word is very fast. Reducing the pressure of the armpit, the front car nose shape is done. '

The 508 kilometer journey between Mumbai and Ahmedabad will take just two hours and seven minutes from the bullet train. The Indian Railways will spend 9,800 crore rupees on this project and the rest will be handed over to the governments of Maharashtra and Gujarat.
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