A new 100 note issued, Dewas started printing

Reserve Bank of India will soon get Rs 100 in market Is going to issue a new note of Rs. The color of this new note will be purple. At the same time, on this note, the historical queen of Gujarat will also get a glimpse of Bawi (Baawdi). The size of this note is smaller than the old 100 note and slightly larger than 10 notes.
A new 100 note issued, Dewas started printingजारी हुआ 100 का नया नोट, देवास में शुरू हुई छपाई
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Even after the release of this new note, old notes will not be closed. This is 100 rupees The printing of new notes of the bank note has been started in Dewas. The new design of this note has been given in Mysore's same printing press, where 2000 notes are printed. This time some big changes have also been made in the note. In the printing of the new note, only indigenous ink and paper are being used.

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With the size of the new note, weight has also been reduced. Earlier, the weight of a pocket of old 100 notes was 108 grams. With the reduction of the size of the same 100 notes, the weight of a pocket has been around 80 grams. While stamping the seal of the Reserve Bank of India, Dewas Bank has begun production of production in the note press. According to RBI, these 100 rupees Notes can be issued in August or September.

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These special features will be in the note: - In these new notes, almost a dozen new micro-security features have been added along with the general safety feature. These special features can be seen only in ultraviolet light.
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