34 thousand crores penalty on Google: Will it affect India? Answers such as 10 questions

Gadget desk On Wednesday, the European Union (EU) has imposed a penalty of 34 thousand crores ($ 5 billion) on Tech Company Google. The union has convicted Google of breaking the rules of competition and said that if the company does not improve its methods in 90 days, then the penalty amount can also be increased. This is the biggest penalty imposed on any company on behalf of the European Union.
EU's Commissioner of Competition Margaret Vestier has imposed a penalty on Google for breaking the rules of competition. Wastezer had imposed a fine of 19 thousand crores on Google in 2017. At that time, the penalty was imposed for the shopping Comparison Service. Google had alleged that the company shows its advertisements during shopping for shopping. Google has appealed against this decision, which is currently under trial. Now, after the latest decision, users who use smartphones will have many questions, whose answers we are going to tell.
Question 1. Why was this penalty put on Google?
Answer: Google has alleged that he broke competition rules. Google has forced all smartphone and tablet companies including Samsung, Huaweo to pre-install Google search engine and Google Chrome browser. For this, Google has pressurized companies that Google Play Store can not be used if these apps are not pre-installed.
Question 2. Did Google give money to companies for this?
Answer: Yes, Google has given money to companies to pre-install your app. Although there is no information about how much money was given. Google also contracted with companies, so that companies can not sell phones of other operating systems based on the Android open source code.
Question 3. Why did Google do this?
Answer: Google did this so that he remained dominant in the smartphone market too. Google has had great success with the desktop search engine and through that it earns money by displaying Google ads. If Google was dominated by smartphones, then the company's earnings would have been high.
Question 4. What does it matter if Google does not do this?
Answer: If Google does not do this, then its impact on its market share. In Russia, similar allegations were made on Google, after which the company had allowed the Russian search engine Yandex to be installed in the Android phone. This has reduced market share of Google from 63% to 52%.
गूगल पर 34 हजार करोड़ का जुर्माना: क्या भारत पर भी इसका असर होगा? ऐसे ही 10 सवालों के जवाबQuestion 5. Who has complained against Google?
Answer: In April 2015, a business group 'FairSearch' complained about the European Union against Google. This group includes companies like Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle. In his complaint, FairSearch said that Google Android is accumulating monopoly on smartphone. After that the investigation went on for three years and the verdict was announced on Wednesday.
Question 6. Does Google have any other way now?
Answer: Yes, of course. Google has the option of appealing to the European Union's decision in the upper court. Google has said that they will appeal against this decision. However, the experts believe that if the appeal is made then these cases will continue for years.
Question 7. Can not run apps from other companies on Android phones?
Ans: Android phones can also be run on other companies, although the app has been developed according to the Android system. Smartphone companies give Google its own free Android and earn money from ads shown during search results on it.
Question 8. When the app of other companies could also go, why did the penalty?
Answer: In fact, the European Union has also acknowledged that Android users can download the second browser or search engine according to their need, but only 1% of users have the second search engine and only 10% of the users have downloaded another browser. Done
Question 9. Now Google will take money for Android?
Answer: Yes, if Google wants to take money for Android, Google will not do this. Because other companies can come forward to give their app for free. Android is so popular because it's free.
Question 10. Will it have any impact on India? Can there be a penalty on Google here too?
Answer: No, the decision of the European Union will not affect India, because in India, Google works according to Indian law. If other companies in India complain against Google in the Competition Commission, then they can be fined here also.
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