There were 600 people of IB, 50 Sharpshooters involved in the crowd running with PM Modi

New Delhi: In the last visit of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee when PM Modi decided that he wants to walk to the 'Memorial', it became a big problem for security agencies and you would be surprised to know that the crowd of lakhs When PM Modi and Amit Shah were walking on foot, 600 people of IB along with them were also nearby and 50 sharpshooters were also seen. Not only in the simplicity, the Delhi Police personnel were also involved in the same mob as the worker. According to media reports, in the BJP headquarters, the SPG was told that PM Modi will travel this distance on foot and along with BJP President Amit Shah will also be there. The decision was taken promptly and the police officers of Delhi Police were deployed. The army, the paramilitary forces team, took both the leaders in their circle. IB (Intelligence) selected soldiers of Delhi Police were included in the crowd as simple workers in uniform and white hat. A SPG team formed a circle and included both leaders inside it. The Delhi Police personnel who were deployed in plain uniform made a human chain in which SPG personnel were inside the two leaders. The SPG also deployed army, navy and air force personnel in the memory forest site.

President Ramnath Kovind wrote a letter written to Vajpayee's daughter, said ...

Sharpshooters were deployed in the Bahadur Shah Zafar route and the surrounding area, which were keeping a watch on the crowd. At the behest of the SPG, PM Modi had also come inside the car for a few minutes near Shaheedi Park. After this, PM Modi came out of the car on Dariaganj signal.

In the Vajpayee government, Shatrughan Sinha had received great responsibility, said, 'I am feeling orphan'

The safety of the National Memorial site was also divided into five parts. Whose responsibility was given to officers of the DCP rank. After this the ACPs were deployed in 12 zones. Then the zone was divided into 65 sectors and the responsibility was given to the inspectors. Total 14 ACP, 67 Inspector, 233 High and 1084 were staffed below. Apart from the Delhi Police, nine companies of paramilitary forces and Reserve Police were deployed.
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