The reply given by Kohli to the English captain, Video

Birmingham, JnN Indian captain Virat Kohli is known for his aggression on the field. On the first day of the Test series with England, Kohli also showed a glimpse of his aggression. The route that Kohli played after the run out, now he is gaining headlines. Kohli played for 80 runs on the first day of the Edgbaston Test, after celebrating the Route after celebrating the fiercely on the field.
Kohli gave the answer to the Route Answerकोहली ने जो रूट को दिया मुंहतोड़ जवाब, देखते रह गए इंग्लिश कप्तान, Video
England captain Joe Root was heading for a hundred again against India. Root hit the ball on Ashwin's ball and ran for two runs, but on the other hand Kohli did not just run out of the ground with his spectacular fielding and precise throw, but also prevented him from the hundred. After this Kohli played very fiercely on the field. Not only that, Kohli fare the route in the same fashion. The way the England captain did last month after India's 2-1 victory over England in the ODI series. Root had left the bat with England after winning the win. This style is called 'Mike Drop'.
(See, Kohli's celebration video)
The best bit about the Kohli mic drop is how he says 'mic drop'
- Richard Irvine (@richirvine)
After Kohli's doing this, it is now being seen as a replacement and it is being discussed on social media.
Root created several records
Even though the Route 80 has been bowled out in this match, but they also make a lot of records on the very first day of this Test series. Who became the third youngest player to score 6 Bazar runs in Root Test cricket. The route which was achieved in 27 years 214 days. Before him, India's great batsman Sachin Tendulkar and England's only Elster Cook.
Root has completed 6000 runs in 2058 days after the introduction of his Test career. He is the number one batsman in this list.
The Root Bat that runs more against India, the Indian bowling looks very good to them. That's why the England batsman has scored a half century against India in the 12th consecutive match. From the Nagpur Test played in the year 2012, Route has played 12 Tests in this match and has made half-century in every match. Earlier, no batsman in the world has scored a half-century in 10 consecutive matches against any team. Root has scored more than 1200 runs in only 12 Tests against India, at an average of about 70.
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