The people of these 8 types of choice should not buy the Royal Enfield's bikes with vintage and heavy looks, why not?

Auto Desk In the Indian market, talk about bicycles of 350-500cc segment, first comes the name of Royal Enfield. Rolls Enfield has become the first choice of people due to its vintage look and heavy engine. This bike worth more than one lakh rupees is capable of generating 20PS power with a 350 cc engine. Its popularity can be judged by the fact that even this bike is used. The special thing about this bike is that it can be used on the streets of the city along with the shopping. But it would not be right to say that this bike would suit everyone's personality.
So let's talk about who should not take the Royal Enfield's bikes .....
इन 8 तरह की पसंद वाले लोगों को नहीं खरीदनी चाहिए विंटेज और हैवी लुक वाली  Royal Enfield की बाइक्स, जानिए क्यों ?
1. People who want a light bike

- Royal Enfield Bike is famous for your weight and heavy look. Its weight is approximately 192kg, which is not just about everyone's handling. The Bajaj Dominer of this segment, however, weighs about 182 kg, which is only 10 kilograms less than Royal Enfield. Therefore, if the ridder wants to take a low weight bike then it can be a good choice for the second bike in the market.

2. Those people want a low-fitness bike

- The Royal Enfield bike has become more reliable than ever but still remains behind the rest of the bikes in the market. In the first jam, Royal Enfield Riders used to carry all the tools with them, because this bike never gets spoiled, so it was called High Maintenance Bike. Bike is expensive and its parts are also expensive and along with it, the service also has to pay a lot of money which is quite expensive. So if you are looking for a low-cost bike, then Royal Enfield's bike is not for you.

3. People who want a bike with latest features

Even though the Royal Enfield is now being built with latest technology, there is no special change in its look even today. This bike looks the same today as it was in 1985. If the Himalayan is left, then the bike itself is still coming in the same analog meter which was earlier. In the bike's console panel, the initiative is like the MPER meter appears, though it is no longer just dummy.
Besides this, there is no fuel gauge in it, so it can be estimated that how much fuel is there in the bike.

4. People who want a bike in less than Rs one lakh

- The entire bike of Royal Enfield costs more than 1.20 lakhs, which it is not possible for everyone to buy. It has a 350 cc engine but despite this its bike can only generate power of 20PS. Even after this much price has been given limited features in the bike. While there are many bikes available in the market at a lower price which is equipped with powerful engine with many latest features. So if you are also looking for a bike that offers many features in a lower price, then the Royal Enfield's bikes are not for you.

5. People who want smooth ride bikes

The bullet is exactly like a gun bullet in a motorcycle, which makes loud noise while walking, while the gear also takes a shock while changing. This bike is not a smooth ride bike because there is too much vibration in the bike while walking.
- The engine of the bike generates a lot of heat after heating, so the runner feels somewhat lacking in the concert. So if you are looking for a smooth drive bike then Royal Enfield's bike is not a best option for you.
- Vibration in the bike starts vibrating the entire body of the biker. The Himalayan of Enfield should be talked about in this bike that the OHC engine is engaged, which produces less vibration but talking about the rest of the bikes, the vibration in these bikes is the same as before. So if you're looking for a refined engine and a smooth driving bike, Enfield's bike is not for you.

6. Those people who want fast bikes in short time

- Royal Enfield does not have a bike racing bike, it's a cruiser bike that has its own fun to run at a slow pace. People call it Shan rides because the sound heart emitting from its exhaust is like a beat. This bike is heavy in weight, due to which it takes time to speed it up. It has a 350 cc engine, even then it generates power of only 20PS, whereas there are many bikes in the market, which is far ahead of Enfield in terms of speed. Many bikes only catch the speed of 100kmpl in 6sec so if you are looking for a fast speed bike then Enfield is not for you.

7. People who do not care about the vintage look.

- The Royal Enfield Bike Diwani buys this bike because of its vintage look because its look identifies it with the rest of the bikes. To buy a vintage look bike, you have to spend a lot of money, which Royal Enfield is offering people in only 1.20 lakh rupees. Royal Enfield simply takes the money of this look from people. But if you do not have anything to do with vintage look then there is a lot of good bikes available in this budget in the market.

8. Those people want latest safety features with style

Today even though the Royal Enfield Bikes assembly is on with the latest technology, but still there is no change in its look. There is a rough and toughest bike to see Enfield's bike, which is far behind with other bikes in style cases.
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