Salaries Of the Most Powerful Leaders In The World

Hello my dear friends & followers, Welcome back all of you to Uc news Rocking India channel where you get inspirational articles everyday. This is the channel guys where you get many things to know about our nation & world. Today I have brought an article about salaries of the most powerful leaders in the world. Let us have a look at this article in detail.

1. Ram Nath Govind - President Of India

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Let me tell you that he with the help of Prime minister decides various budgets & bills for the country, his salary is upto 1.5 lakhs per month.

2. Narendra Modi - Prime Minister Of India

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The famous prime minister who with his unique theme like 'Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan' changed the entire nation & there came Demonetisation ban various notes. His salary is upto 1.58 lakh per month.

3. Xi Jinping - President Of China

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The president of China whose annual salary is almost INR 13,00,000.00 & monthly salary is upto 1 lakh.

4. Vladimir Putin - The President Of Russia

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The president of Russia whose annual salary is upto INR 9,570,811.00 & monthly salary is 7 lakhs.

5. Shinzo Abe - Prime Minister Of Japan

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The prime minister of Japan whose annual salary is INR 13,053,399.00 and the monthly salary is up to 1 lakh.

6. Kim Jong Un - king Of North Korea

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The King of North Korea is keeping everyone on his toes & the country has carried out almost 80 ballistic or nuclear missile tests & Kim Jong Un's net worth is almost 7-10 billions.

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