19-08-2018 Target Number Nagaland State Lottery Prediction

Nagaland State Lottery Today Prediction 

0564 1681 8553 5155 1428
5623 2387 0334 8537 5000
3685 2828 8419 7606
8469 8819 9249 9740 9868
8793 6008 6471 0253 3754
7356 3208 2055 5457
9729 6558 8146 4222 3213
8588 5264 1050 6402 0896
8938 3186 7414 2766 

Lottery News 

Nagaland Lotteries-How to play and how to get the lottery expectations and results in a split second 

Walk 7, 2018 Tanvi Agarwal 


For the individuals who are occupied with playing lotteries from Nagaland then this post is helpful to you. Despite the fact that Nagaland is a territory of North east India flanking state of Assam to the west, Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam to the north, Burma to the east, and Manipur toward the south a significant number of Indians probably won't think about its lotteries. Before you get engaged with lotteries here is a few nuts and bolts about this wonderful  and lovely state. The state capital is Kohima, and the biggest city is Dimapur it is occupied by 16 clans and every clan is one of a kind in character with its own unmistakable traditions, dialect and dress. 

English is broadly talked dialect here and horticulture is the most critical financial action and individuals appreciate lotteries here in their extra time. The three most basic lotteries played here are Dear Morning Weekly, Dear Day Weekly and Dear Evening. 

How to play Nagaland Lotteries in India? 


Nagaland state lotteries can be played by occupants of Nagaland, West Bengal, Sikkim and couple of different states where lottery is legitimate to play. The lotteries at Nagaland are controlled by Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries. 

There are two different ways to play Nagaland state lottery: 

One is by purchasing a physical lotto ticket with a lottery retailer or merchant who is approved to offer lottery tickets. 

Second is by playing it online through few legal websites that offer this lottery ticket to purchase from any lottery expresses that enable lotteries to play in India. 

Snap here to know the standards to play Dear Morning Weekly lottery 

Snap here to know the standards to play Dear Day Weekly lottery 

Snap here to know the standards to play Dear Evening lottery 

Nagaland Lottries has three draws day by day beginning from 11:00 AM to 7.30 PM. The 3:00 PM draw was the excellent ticket. 

A portion of the fundamental prizes are as given in the table: 

PrizeDear (Morning)FutureDear (Evening)AboutEveryday at 11:00 AM.Everyday at 3:00 PM.Everyday at 7:30 PM.First PrizeRs. 25,00,000/ - Rs. 25,00,000/ - Rs. 25,00,000/ - Second PrizeRs. 9,500/ - Rs. 9,500/ - Rs. 9,500/ - Third PrizeRs. 9,000/ - Rs. 9,000/ - Rs. 9,000/ - Forth PrizeRs. 500/ - Rs. 500/ - Rs. 500/ - Fifth PrizeRs. 300/ - Rs. 300/ - Rs. 300/ - Sixth PrizeRs. 130/ - Rs. 130/ - Rs. 130/ - Maximum Ticket PrintedRs. 50 LakhRs. 95 LakhRs. 95 LakhTotal Prize AmountRs. 65,25,410/ - Rs. 1,55,25,410/ - Rs. 55,25,410/ - Last Updated On29/09/201529/09/201529/09/2015 

There are extra prize for lottery delears. Retailer and wholeseller will get prize, for example, TV, Cycles, Cars and all the more every month. They likewise get a commision of 4% to 28% level of settled benefit on different tickets which are splited at various levels. 

On the off chance that you win the lottery you have to fill the claim shape to get your rewards. 

Snap here to download the prize claim frame 

Nagaland lottery expectation 

There are numerous lottery players who are frantic to know which lottery numbers will win so for those players Nagaland lotteries and numerous other online destinations offer Nagaland lottery expectations. Yet, the thing to note is that lottery numbers anticipated at such locales are numbers that are produced in view of past outcome investigation and are every now and again evolving. Indeed, even numerous lottery shops foresee and list lottery forecasts and players take ticket in light of expectation around then yet again lottery is session of shot and it depends just on your fortunes whether you win or lose.
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