Atul Ji, who had cried bitterly at the death of this leader, gave the historic speech in Parliament!

Friends, Bhishma, the father of Indian politics, today, the former Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Bajpai, is not among us. He breathed his last at 5 pm 10 pm in Delhi-based AIIMS.

Friends Atal ji was the owner of a vast personality. He was a real person living with everyone. Maybe that's why he has no enemies in the public life of more than 60 years.

Atul Ji, who had cried bitterly at the death of this leader, gave the historic speech in Parliament!
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Atal ji was the priest of the party or the opposition but not the qualities.If the qualities are within their opponents then they did not hesitate to praise him. That was a coincidence in 1964. When the country's first PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Death had died.Diditji's death broke the young MP Atal Bihari.Atal Ji, after seeing the bodies of Nehru ji, wept bitterly. At that time, for an Opposition leader, It was he who was convinced of Nehru's virtues. After the death of Nehru ji, Atalji gave a historic speech while paying homage to him within the Parliament.
इस नेता की मृत्यु पर फूट फूट कर रोये थे अटल जी, संसद में दिया था ऐतिहासिक भाषण!

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We are giving this speech as you have recorded the record in the Parliament.

Jawaharlal Nehru died on May 27, 1964. In Parliament, the young leader of the Indian Jana Sangh, Atal Bihari Vajpayee paid tribute to him on May 29, 1964 in Parliament. His speech is presented: This speech is a part of the record of the Parliament. Rajya Sabha has appeared in the proceedings of May 29, 1964-

"There was a dream that was incomplete, a song that was gone, a flame that merged in eternity. The dream was of a world which was devoid of fear and hunger, the song was such an epic in which the Gita There was a smell of echo and rose. The flame was burning like a lamp all night, fighting with every darkness and showing us the way, Nirvana was received in a Prabhat.

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Death is pole, body is mortal. Tomorrow, the body of Kanchan, which we came up on sandalwood, was destroyed. But was it necessary that death would be so stolen? When the mates fell asleep, when the watchmen were oblivious, a valuable fund of our lives was robbed. Mother India is mourning today - her most beloved prince was lost. Humanity is very sad - its priest sleeps. Peace is turbulent today - his protector went away. The Dalit support was missed. The person's eyes were broken. Yawn The leading actor of the theater of the world became involved with his last acting.

Maharishi Valmiki has said in connection with Lord Rama in Ramayana that he was coordinating the impossible. In the life of Panditji, there is a glimpse of Mahakavi's statement. He was the priest of peace, but the forerunner of the revolution; He was a worshiper of non-violence, but he had the support of fighting every weapon to protect independence and honor.

He was a supporter of personal independence but was committed to bringing economic equality. They did not frighten anyone in compromising, but did not compromise with anyone fearful. His policy towards Pakistan and China was a symbol of this wonderful combination. There was generosity in it, there was perseverance too. It is unfortunate that this generosity was deemed to be weakness, while some people considered their firmness to be stubbornness.

I remember, in the days of Chinese invasion, when our Western friends were trying to make a compromise with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, one day I found them very angry. When they were told that there will be no agreement on Kashmir's question then we will have to fight on two fronts then it got worse and started saying that if there is a need, then we will fight on both fronts. When under pressure, they were against negotiating.

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Sir, the freedom fighter and mentor, today he is a victim of freedom. With full power we have to protect it. The national unity and integrity of which they were unions, today it is also a disaster. By paying every price we have to maintain it. The Indian democracy that he founded, succeeded him, fears are also being expressed today for his future. We have to demonstrate our unity, our discipline, self-confidence and success in this democracy. The leader went on, remained a follower. The sun has gone, we have to find our way in the shadow of stars. This is a great test period. If we can all dedicate ourselves to such a great purpose under which India is empowered, capable and prosperous and with self-respect, to give its yoga in the form of universal peace, we will succeed in offering a true tribute to them.

Their absence in Parliament will never be filled. Perhaps a person with three idols will never make his meaning meaningful to his existence. That person's personality, that exhilaration, along with the opposition, that feeling of walking, that gentlemanhood, that greatness may not be seen in the near future. Despite differences, there is nothing more than respect for their great ideals, their authenticity, their patriotism, and respect for their unwavering courage.

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With these words, I offer my humble tribute to that great soul. "

Friends, you saw how Atalji had paid homage to Nehru, and that same thing is missing in today's politics.The leader is imposing a conspiracy on one another. Hopefully, today's ruling party and opposition Will learn some lessons from the life of Atal ji

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