My biggest mistake in feeding this player in the team - Virat Kohli

इस खिलाड़ी को टीम में खिलाना मेरी सबसे बड़ी गलती- विराट कोहलीThird party image reference
In the second Test match, the Indian team has faced an embarrassing defeat to England. After the defeat Virat Kohli told in the press conference that the Indian team was not seen in the entire Test match and has failed to show their game in full. The team has had to lose. The first day's Test match was washed away due to rain and the second day's Test was completed by stumps on 107 runs.
The Indian team has not done well at all in this Test and have surrendered only on the fourth day of the match. If seen, it ended in just 3 days in the test. The first day was not played and the last day was not needed. The fourth day did not even take full time. In the five-match Test series, India has lost 2-0. Virat Kohli has accepted his mistake and has said that involving Kuldeep Yadav inside the team has proved to be a big mistake for him. If we were to feed Umesh Yadav at his place, the result of the match could have been something else.
Virat Kohli has rightly said that due to rain, ground spinners are not favorable. This is the reason why no spinner has been able to remove the wicket. It is now to see what Virat Kohli changes in the Indian team in the next match.
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