Balaramji Das Tandon's funeral today, the tribute payers

JNN, Chandigarh. Chhattisgarh Governor Balram Das Tandon, who is BJP's Hindu face in Punjab, will be given the final fare today. His body was taken to Chandigarh State Office from Chandigarh to the Punjab BJP office this morning. There is a tension of those who pay homage to the Diganta leader. Himachal Pradesh Governor Acharya Debavrat, Himachal Chief Minister Jairam Thakur, many leaders of Punjab offered floral tributes on the body of Balram Ji Tandon. His funeral will take place at one o'clock in the day. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh is also likely to be present in his funeral.बलरामजी दास टंडन का अंतिम संस्कार आज, श्रद्धांजलि देेने वालों का तांता
Balramji Das Tandon passed away on 14th August. After this his body was brought to his residence in Chandigarh. Balramji Das Tandon's son Sanjay Tandon is the President of Chandigarh BJP. The funeral of Balramji Das Tandon will be in Sharmhanaghat of Sector 25. His body was brought from Chhattisgarh late on Tuesday night to Kothi number 1636 in Chandigarh Sector 18. The Punjab and Haryana government canceled the at-home program to be held in Raj Bhavan.
The administration canceled the cultural programs that took place during the Independence Day program on Wednesday in the show of their demise. There is a tension in the BJP office to pay homage to Tandon. When the body of Balramji Das Tandon reached his place of residence, Punjab Governor VP Singh Badyanaur and Haryana Governor Captain Singh Solanki were present there. The body of Tandan was brought from Chhattisgarh through special aircraft to Ambala. Haryana Ambassador Rao Narbir Singh and Manish Grover were present at Ambala airport in Ambala. The body from Ambala was brought to Chandigarh by road.
On Wednesday, around 10.30 am, the body of Tandon was brought to the office of Punjab BJP located in Sector 37. Leaders and workers of other parties along with Punjab BJP leaders came to pay homage. Strict security arrangements have been made around the BJP office.
Six times MLA, Badal government was made by BJP quota, Deputy Chief Minister
Balram Das Tandon was a major contributor to Punjab's politics. He was the Hindu face of the party in the state. Born on November 1, 1927, Amritsar-born Balramji Das Tandon studied in Lahore. He was the founding member of Jana Sangh. He was also a six-time legislator in Punjab and, in the coalition government headed by Prakash Singh Badal, the Deputy Chief Minister of the BJP quota. During the Emergency, he also jailed from 1975 to 1977. After winning from Patiala's Rajpura seat, he became a minister in the Punjab government. In 2014, he took charge of the governor of Chhattisgarh.
Warrant Officer was returned from prison
As soon as the Emergency was announced on June 25, the opposition leaders were arrested all over the country. Several leaders, including Balramji Das Tandon and Harbans Lal Khanna were arrested from Amritsar. Tandon was kept in Patiala jail. There came an officer Bedi from Amritsar
The jail officer called some people including Balram Das Tandon in his room. The jail officer said that you have come to warrants of detention, sign your warrant. All agreed to sign, but suddenly Balaram Das Tandon said to the officer, 'Where are you getting us?
The officer was shocked to hear the question and said, 'I did not understand, Balramji Das said,' Bedi Saheb, you are meeting us at the house or you are meeting on Mall Road or in Gol Bagh in Amritsar. ' The police officer said, 'I am getting in jail.'
Balarama Tandon said, "This warrant is not right, because on this warrant it is written that the activities of this person are not right in the eyes of the law, therefore, it can be arrested and sent to jail, but we are already arrested and jail Are in This warrant is wrong, we can not sign it. ' The prison officer also justified the matter and the officer returned with a warrant.
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