2 new rules apply for bike and car run, Modi government's big decision

Today, we will tell you about the topic of the big decision of the Modi government to introduce new rules for those who are driving the bike and car. The Modi government has issued a new notification, under which if you have any bike and car in your house, then you should read this news till the end. Because 2 new rules have been enforced for bike and car operators, then read the post till the end.
2 new rules apply for bike and car run, Modi government's big decisionबाइक और कार चलाने वालों के लिए 2 नए नियम लागू, मोदी सरकार का बड़ा फैसला
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1. First of all, we tell you about the update, that you no longer need to get insurance every year. New notifications will now be issued starting September 1. Under which it will be mandatory to have a 2 year insurance on buying a car, and buying a bike requires 5 years of insurance.

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2. Let us now tell you about the second big rule that if you look at the phone in front of the traffic police or if you see the phone running, then you will not be fined with 500 rupees, but rather the new rules Accordingly, a fine of Rs 5000 will be imposed. And if the guardians allow their young children to drive, they will also be fined 25,000 rupees.

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