Your wedding will be a love marriage or arrange marriage, go by this line

All the young boys are curious to know that they will have a love marriage or arrange marriage. But no one can tell this, but according to astrology, the lines of our hands point us to them. The young will want to know whether their marriage will be with their love or not. You can also know this with the help of scriptures. Let's get detail information.
Your wedding will be a love marriage or arrange marriage, go by this lineआपकी शादी लव मैरिज होगी या अरेंज मैरिज होगी, जाने इस रेखा से
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Our marriage is a line of sight above the heart of the lower finger of our hand and on the right hand heart line. Looking at this, a person who studies astrology can tell whether our love will be married or not.

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According to astrology, if both lines go parallel, then our love is more likely to be married. And if the heart line appears parallel to Jupiter without going parallel, then understand that your arrangement is about to be merged. Although scientists do not believe in these things, many people still believe in it.

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