You can do gas problem by adopting this 3 sapphire treatment

यह 3 रामबाण इलाज अपनाकर आप गैस की समस्या को कर सकते हैं टाटाThird party image reference
The problem of gas will be found in every other Hindustani. The main reason for this is our spicy food here. Apart from this, eating food, sit-sitting, swallowing excessive air from the mouth, not eating well by eating haste, not eating well is also the main reason for becoming a gas. Although the gas does not take the problem of gas seriously, but if you do not take treatment during this time then it can also cause diseases like ulcer. Well, no matter to worry, today we are going to introduce you to such domestic remedies, after knowing that your problem will be reminiscent in a while. So let's know.

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Pudina is a unique and versatile medicine given to Kudrat. It also works to remove many diseases of our body. Peppermint can be consumed in many ways, such as by making chutney, removing or using juice, it can get rid of the gas and also get rid of the problem of acidity and vomiting.

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So far, if you consider buttermilk to be a normal thing, today I am going to remove this misunderstanding from you. In fact, after drinking a meal with a pinch of roasted cumin seeds, a pinch of black salt and peppermint in the chest, it will benefit your health just like Sanjivani.

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The only treatment for any diseases in the stomach is celery. You may have used celery only in the spices of food, but if you eat a spoonful celery and a pinch of black salt, then chew it. Then the problem of gas will never haunt you.
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