Yamraj Boley - Put a habit of wearing helmets, seats are held in Yamalok

यमराज बोले-हेलमेट पहनने की आदत डालो, यमलोक में सीट भर चुकी हैंJagran correspondent, Chandigarh: At 11 o'clock on the streets of the city, Yamraj and Chitragupta were seen alerting women to wear helmets. The crowd of people started to see. When the young women, who acted without wearing a helmet on the Red Light, stopped, then Yamraj said that from now on, use the helmet habit, there is a seat in Yamalok.
Traffic inspector Dilshir Chandel reached the Transport Light Point with two police men and two artists in the costume of Yamraj and Chitragupta. During this, both artists used to take moles near women without wearing helmets and used to make them aware of wearing helmets. During this, without the Yamraj helmets, the number of mounting accidents, the circumstances behind the deceased's family, and the information of the helmet invoicing started in Chandigarh without delay. Together, Chitragupta appeared in his diary to give the figures to Yamraj.
Artist Vikas Negi came in the costumes of Artist Sarthak Singh and Chitragupta in Yama Raj's costumes. Sarthak MA and Development BA are students from 1st year of Punjab University. Sarthak told that both of them had come on the road to wake people early in the morning. Duty in the awareness of different area inspectors
Many traffic inspectors have been formed by the Chandigarh Traffic Police to make them aware about wearing helmets for women. This includes Inspector Dilshir Chandel, Sita Devi, Sarwan Singh and others. Dilshar Singh, along with Yamraj-Chitragupta, Sarwan Singh, after giving flowers, Sita Devi is taking the team in schools and colleges after talking to women. Apart from this, SSP Traffic Shashank Anand is guarding all and also running Awareness camps on social media. The city will start soon without the helmets' invoices
The traffic police is making everyone aware of one another and preparing for an invoice on the other side. On the behalf of the UT Administration, women who have been driving them without helmets have received an invoice order. Soon the women's invoices will start in the city.
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