Which Segment Bikes Will Stay for You Best, know here

New Delhi (Auto Desk) In India, bikes are easily available according to every size, engine and price, but it is often seen that people buy a bike in the vicinity of showing their needs without looking after their needs, after which they have to become disturbed In this way, we are telling you here that what segment of the bike will be for you.किस सेगमेंट की बाइक आपके लिए रहेगी बेस्ट, जानिए यहां
Entry Level Segment
In India, the entry level segment comes with 100-110cc engine bikes, and most bikes sell this segment. If you spend a distance of 50 to 100 kilometers, then buying a 100-110 cc bike will be beneficial. The bikes of this segment can easily give up to 95 kmpl mileage, in terms of price and after sales service are economical. But the bikes of this segment are not very attracted.
These options are: Bajaj Platina, Bajaj CT100, TVS Sport, Hero Splendor Pro, Honda CD110 and TVS Victor.
Price: This segment starts from Rs 33 thousand.125cc Segment
The 100-110cc bike segment comes above the 125cc bike segment, the bikes of this segment also styled you with mileage. But yes their mileage is less than 100cc bikes. For example, 125cc bikes can run at about 50 to 60 km in one liter. These bikes are also good for Daily Use.
These are options: Honda Shine, Bajaj Discover, Hero Glam-like bikes are available.
Price: The 125cc bike segment starts from Rs 51 thousand.
Power Styles Together
The 150-160cc bike segment in India has been quite big, the bikes of this segment do not give much mileage but there is more power in them, as well as nowadays, the bikes of this segment are coming in full sporty LUX as power and sporty design Segment is identical. In one liter these bikes get mileage of about 40 to 45 kmpl.
These are options: Bajaj V15, Suzuki Jicsar, Bajaj Pulsar, Honda Hornet, Hero Extreme, Hero Achiever, TVS Apache are available.
Price: Price of 150 cc engine starts at Rs 58,000

Only for bike enthusiasts
Now, in the next segment, which is 200cc or more, people who do not have any special meaning from mileage. For those who like to bike for hobbies, bikes with a capacity of 200cc or more are better. Friends always choose the same bike that meets your needs as there are all the bikes available.
These are options: Options like Bajaj Dominor, TVS Apache, Bajaj Avenger 220, Yamaha FZ25 will be available.
Price: The price of the bikes of this segment stays close to one lakh rupees
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