What should be the first thing to put in the ear

If someone grows up in our ears, then we start to feel very uneasy. It should be this, because if a person enters the ear, then he starts churning over there and he can also cut down the drugs that are inside it.
What should be the first thing to put in the earकनखजूरा कान में घुस जाए तो सबसे पहले कौन सी चीज डालनी चाहिए
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If you do not take it out soon, it can completely damage your ears. To avoid all these troubles, we have come here for you to take measures to avoid this. If you get into your ear, you should first calm down.

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If you are sitting in peace then he will not scare away if he feels threatened, then he can cause great damage to your ears. After that you have to pour water slowly in your ear. Slowly, she will start moving out of your ear. If it does not happen then you can also take it out by putting an i-drip in it.

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But if you get too disturbed, you have to give some salt in the water, then see the same scent you will be completely away from your ear because it causes lots of trouble due to salt. To get more information of this kind, please do not forget to press down the yellow yellow button below and forget about the lick and comment.
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