Violent instincts that will arise due to school reasons, will be surprised

स्कूली छात्रों में इस वजह से पनप रही हिंसक प्रवृत्ति, जानकर हो जाएंगे हैरानNew Delhi: In some parts of the country including Delhi, Haryana, Gujarat and Chennai, some students have been killed by some students in the schools or teachers of the schools have indicated that the school is increasing in the students. It is a matter of grave concern that Mahatma Gandhi's priest Mahatma Gandhi is creating an atmosphere similar to promoting violence in this country, its impression is to fall on the gentle mind of the children. Psychologists and academics believe that due to the frustration, jealousy and intolerance of the schoolchildren (not being able to tolerate), the schoolchildren are carrying out such incidents.
This trend is gradually becoming a threat to the society
This tendency is gradually becoming a threat to the society. Recently, a few students of a government school in Delhi's Jyoti Nagar area had beaten and beaten 10th student. The much-publicized Pradyumna killings in a large private school adjacent to Delhi are shocking to the society.
On the other hand, in Vadodara, Gujarat, a student was killed by a knife 31 times. A 12th class student murdered the Principal at the St. Mary Eggo Indian School, Chennai, the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu. There are many such incidences across the country, which point to the trend of violence that arises in school students.
These incidents are the danger bells for society
These incidents are alarm bells for society. Dr. Navin Kumar, professor of psychology at the University of Delhi, told IANS about the change in the attitude of school students, "Violence by schoolchildren is the result of frustration and pressure.
There are three reasons behind changing the trend of schoolchildren
First of all, communicating with the children of the children has decreased, parents are not able to spend much time with the children, which is why the moral values ​​are not being created in children. This helps to reduce the feeling of cooperation and harmony in children.
The second reason is the education system. As long as the teaching system of school children is not correct, they will remain in mental pressure and stress. No one knows when they will sit, and nobody knows. "He said," The third thing is that the things taught in schools are theoretical, which can not satisfy the interest of children. Children are seated in a place controlled in schools, due to which they have difficulty communicating one to one talks with teachers. There is even more bad in metropolitan culture.
After coming to the child's house, there is no one to know about his feelings and problems. In such a way, the children do what they feel right. "Is society responsible for this?" On this question, Dr. Kumar said, "If a child succeeds, it is fine, but if he does not succeed From family to society, it is cursed. In such a situation, frustration will increase. Childhood is the period of bliss, where its qualities and self-confidence are created, but in schools 70 to 80 per cent of children do not know what it is to do next.
At present the society is moving towards becoming Autism.
In fact, society is moving towards becoming self-centered at present. "He said," The scale of success in society has been assumed as IAS, IPS and big business, but the feeling of becoming good man has come down. The common and special ditch has increased in the society. Success in society is defined as 'powerful', which is powerful, will dominate its power. The society will accept you only when you are an IPS, big businessman or politician. It has become a very dangerous trend. No person in the country makes his son farmer, in the same way the fundamental things are being ignored. "
Emphasizing the reinstatement of schools on these incidents, Dr. Navin said, "School children should focus on creative activities, not just focus on studies, children will not be benefited by teaching them only, teaching them swimming, walking around somewhere Move or ask to join the activities of the game.
At the same time, it is also necessary for children to interact with each other in order to create a synergy of communication, so that their sensation awakens in them. Take them out and match those poor children who are not getting all these facilities. These measures will change the trend of children. "What is happening in the upbringing of the children on behalf of the parents? On this question, he said," Parents should constantly communicate with the children.
Parents should understand what the child wants
Must be emotionally connected to them. Parents should understand and understand what the child wants and this is the time when it creates a sense of frustration. If we forbid him straight away, he will be desperate, but when we explain it with love, it will bring a lot of importance, which is very important. "Last year, killing seven-year-old Pradyumna in a private school in Haryana had shocked the country. .
Pradyumna's mother Sushma Thakur still continues to cry one more question, "What was my child's crime? I sent my child to school to read, where his throat was sacked." She cried, "My world was completely ruined." About the growing violent tendency among schoolchildren, educationist and social worker Dr. Birbal Jha says, "It is a very unfortunate situation.
Nowhere is the education system responsible for it, we put so much pressure on education on children, but in them ethical issues
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